Sneakers and Me.

Posted: 20 November, 2009 by kinz in Sneakers

The post about bands and gigs will be postponed. I will now post some photos from yesterday. I had some lame tv interview yesterday at my place. About my shoes and I. I didn’t feel good about it as I know my stuffs are really small and I don’t deserve this lame crap. Don’t ask more about it..

Anyway, here are some photos of the mess left, and of course the shoes I have along these years.

For most of you who are not familiar with this arrangement. This is the way to put your sneakers for a photoshoot to make it look like you have a massive collection.

My room..

That’s all folks.

Packed up and everything was back into it’s original place.

Penang Bridge International Marathon is here! I will be over in Penang on Saturday until Sunday. I am participating in the half marathon, which is the 21km.

That’s all folks. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to blog by tomorrow before I start my journey to Penang.

See ya and have a great weekend!

  1. Niki Cheong says:

    Wah lau! That’s quite a lot of shoes man. And I thought I had lots!

  2. kinz says:

    Not really la, compared to a lot other ppl.. đŸ˜€

  3. Abid says:

    Mana dpat the AM1 West?
    Ada kat KL edi?

  4. kinz says:

    NSW Stores have them already whut.

  5. Abid says:

    Oh really?
    I didn’t know that..hehe
    How’s the quality?

  6. kinz says:

    It really depends on how do you define quality.. But it’s okay la I suppose.

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