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Huat Heart Huat!

Posted: 3 February, 2011 by kinz in Sneakers

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!

I’ve been shopping like crazy eversince Singapore Laneway. From Uniqlo Singapore to Muji Singapore to Uniqlo Malaysia to Topshop and zomg I just couldn’t stop. Been buying clothes for four consecutive days. Yesterday marked the end of it all!

Sperry Top Sider in Navy..

MMmmm… So far my Chinese New Year has been great.. Hows yours?

Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and your family..

May you and your family huat your heart out!


So here I am blogging again…

If you know me four years ago, you would have knew that I am crazy for this particular pair of sneakers..

The Air Force 1 Invisible Woman. It is a shoe from the Fantastic Four Pack released in 2006.. I went totally crazy over this pair. Only 30 pairs made it to our shores. And I am one of them, lucky enough to get my feet exposed through my sneakers.

Only Premium Air Force 1’s has square dotted inner sock lining. This is a small touch which differs the Premium from the General Release.

I spent RM429 on these gems four years ago.

Not too long ago, I sold these babies.. Just because I could not find any reason why I should keep them. They are turning yellow even when I don’t wear them. Slightly used and I managed to sold it offΒ  slightly above retail. That wasn’t my concern. I was very thankful that I sold it off to some dude who really appreciate it. More loving from the new #bro I guess.

And for now it is time for me to move on from non-practical-but-pretty-and-unique-looking-sneakers-which-is-hard-to-find-and-cost-a-lot-of-money…


Posted: 25 June, 2010 by kinz in Sneakers

This coming Sunday, the KL International Marathon will be held. Unfortunately, I am not able to participate. 😦

Initially, the plan was to participate in the Half Marathon. I will be tied up with work and school stuffs over this weekend, hence I had to sleep on these. 😦

I even had a new pair of Lunar Racer 2 for the race.

The Lunar Racer 2. Featherweight yet well cushioned.

As a consolation, I clocked in 10 kilometers today. That is 25 rounds around my park. It was satisfying. πŸ˜€

Anyway, I wish all those who are running this weekend all the best and enjoy your race! I may not be there to smoke you this time around, but the next time I assure that I will smoke you!!

To those who are not participating. Have a great weekend and avoid KL roads on Sunday morning. The KL roads will be atΒ  major stand still!

Footscapes… The best damn thing designed by human for human feet!

I must say, these are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever tried on. They are really really comfortable..

In cool blue! Okay may this may be a little over..

Still blue eh? πŸ˜€

Side lacing fellas!!!

Mesh on the heel yo!

These are my second pair of the Footscapes.

My other pair is in green.. πŸ˜€

Yeahhh.. Love them.. πŸ˜€ Wonder when will I break into them… Hmmm…

Ducker than roast dark!

Posted: 7 June, 2010 by kinz in Sneakers

So the weekend is now over.. Boohoo.. Have a great Monday peeps!

A quick recap on what I did during the weekend..

My skin got darker, but the colour of my shoes got lighter.. 😦 Thank’s to the sun and also some dust..

That’s all folks. That explains my weekend.. 😦 Monday blues are back. Goodnight peeps and have a great Monday ahead!

Black Zap!

Posted: 11 May, 2010 by kinz in Sneakers


… is a good day to break fresh into these Black Zapatos.. β™₯

Running Man goes to School!

Posted: 4 May, 2010 by kinz in Sneakers

Today I am wearing…

Running Man X Parra…

… to school…

On the side note.. Today is the 4th of May which is also known as Star Wars day.. May the 4th be with you…. Don’t believe me? Google it.. Don’t know how? Click here..

That’s all folks. I’m off to uni right now.. Till thetn..