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Neon Grin!

Posted: 16 October, 2010 by kinz in Events

Hello World..

Shot the Nike We Run KL City 10km run last week.. Here are some shots from the day..

Waiting patiently for to be flagged off!

Traffic turned Green!

The man with balls of steel!

Then off he ran!!!!!!

The End..



One Buck Short!

Posted: 2 August, 2010 by kinz in Events, Random Snapshots

Before Nidji came up on stage, One Buck Shot performed…




Just found out I didn’t have a photo of the drummers, Imran. :s

Alright that’s all folks. Have a great Monday ahead!

Stay Tune!

Posted: 17 July, 2010 by kinz in Events, Random Snapshots

Coming up soon on my blog…



Will be back shortly!

Palate Palette 3rd Anniversary.

Posted: 16 December, 2009 by kinz in Events

Last Saturday, I was again assigned by Streething to shoot for an event. A rather small event at Palate Pallete, it was their 3rd anniversary party. So here are a few photos from the start and the end. And I really mean from the start and from the end, not from the start till the end.

It started with a kickflip competition.

This guy appears to be the winner of the night.

During the party, there were a few stuffs happening. Some foot painting on the wall, some music by Arabyrd and much more. Just stay tune to

At the end, there were some fire act by the streets.

And that’s all for now.. Bye!

Gardener is in town!

Posted: 12 December, 2009 by kinz in Events
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Nope, I am not saying those macha you see daily outside knocking on your gate, riding on a bike with a lawnmower behind, I am saying Michael Lau. He’s here in town at Zinc Art Gallery in Bangsar for the weekend in conjunction of his latest vinyl figure’s release. This time, I was assigned by Streething to snap photos of the event.

Part of his Gardener Vinyl Series Collection.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of him, but I must say I am amazed with his talent. Those canvas paintings are really fine and detailed!

This is my favourite by far! If you guys have seen the Hope – Obama poster done by Shepard Fairey which did caused a big scene in the United States, so yea, this is Michael’s own version of this.

Michael Jordan.. Notice the horns? It represents the Chicago Bulls.

Meet & Greet the fans session.

Him and his artwork.

That’s all for now.. For more photos, stay tune to Streething’s main page in the next few days…

Till then, I have to run to Palate Pallete now for their third anniversary party to shoot some photos.. Bye!