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7/365 Where? What?

Posted: 24 March, 2010 by kinz in Project 365

What to wear I mean..

How to you arrange your clothes in your wardrobe?

Here’s my little wardrobe. I try to colour code them.

As you can see black occupies 1/3rd of the space. So black is the everyday colour.

So tomorrow may just be another black day..

For those of you thinking I am vain.. There’s no gain being vain, yet there’s no pain. So why not?


6/365 Football.

Posted: 21 March, 2010 by kinz in Project 365, Sneakers

I am not any football fan. But I do know that there’s a huge match kicking off tonight.

Anyway, I woke up early this morning for a photoshoot at Wisma FAM.

Here I present you the new Nike Total 90 Laser III.

You’ll be able to spot this now on the Man. Utd. Vs Liverpool match.

Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres will be wearing these.

Five minutes and looks like Torres has scored the first goal. Damn, that’s fast.

Alright that’s all for now. Stay tune!

5/365 Robo-Boogie.

Posted: 19 March, 2010 by kinz in Project 365

Do the Robo-Boogie..

Robo-Dancer. Pick this robo-dude from a handicap woman in Penang last year. Apparently, profits from this little bugger will go to charity.

Oh well, this guy dances to any tunes. Even when there’s no tunes. Just wind him up and he’ll be dancing. Cute little fella stands right below my LCD monitor.

Single strobe bounced to a stack of A4 Paper. Table was sort of glossy, hence the reflection.

4/365 Stylo Mylo!

Posted: 16 March, 2010 by kinz in Project 365

5/365 Stylo Mylo.

Kwee Jin sporting in (from toe to head) Vans Era, Sugar Cane Denims, Topshop plain white Tee, plain black Nike Windrunner, Think Geek 8-bit tie and RayBan Aviators.

3/365 Universe City.

Posted: 14 March, 2010 by kinz in Project 365, Random Snapshots
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Just another day when I do not have anything to blog about. So here’s a photo of my university taken a week ago.

Photo was taken on a Saturday. (That explains why it was quiet and empty.)

Yup I had a MidTerm on a Saturday. Sucks to be me eh? 😦

Going back to the books right now..

2/365 Skin Dip.

Posted: 10 March, 2010 by kinz in At Random, Project 365, Random Snapshots

So I figured, I’ll continue with my project 365 whenever I have nothing to blog about. By doing so, there is no reason for not having any blog content in here. I mean posting a photo everyday isn’t that hard right? It only takes probably bout 5 minutes…

So here it is.. 2/365 Skin dip isn’t deep.

His name is Mario, Indonesian. He’s my classmate. Plays with paper clips and put them through his skin.

Shot from waist level during class.

March 10th marks his birthday. Happy Birthday Mario. Now do you know how his name came about?

Should I start project 365? If I do, today shall be the first…

1/365: Electronic.

Electronic Gears from yesterday and today..

For your information, this week’s theme for Shutterama is Electronic. If you have no idea what is Shutterama click on Shutterama on Facebook now.. If you already are a member of Shutterama, you should be shooting some photos now..

Off to bed! Goodnight!