Unboxing the Marshall Major.

Posted: 23 June, 2011 by kinz in At Random, Gadget Related

Recently got these lovely pair of headphones from my girlfriend as a gift.. Love it. :p Hence I made this unboxing video of it. This is my first unboxing video of it.

My New Water Tumbler.

Posted: 15 June, 2011 by kinz in At Random

Guys. I’ve got a new place to ramble.. Well I just created a Tumblr account to post photos daily. (Lets hope I will have the discipline to post a photo up everyday for as long as I can). I will still post about my photo shoots, video shoots, mini projects, outings, celebrations or what so ever right here. Just that I think Tumblr will be a more suitable place for me to do a daily photo blog.



Be prepared for my daily ramblings in photos. :p

Sunny Cycle.

Posted: 31 May, 2011 by kinz in At Random

Here’s another short video I made of myself getting my fix. :p Critics and comments are welcomed.


Cyclist: KinMeng
Video by: KinMeng
Edited by: KinMeng
Music: Naked & Famous – All Of This
Shot with Canon Powershot S95 & Manfrotto Tripod

Bike Portraits.

Posted: 30 May, 2011 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Hello, today I’ma show you ma ride!


This was how it looked. (Images grabbed from BianchiUSA.com)

And this is it, today..

Behind the scenes (in my living room)

That’s all folks. Till then.

Happily Ever After.

Posted: 9 May, 2011 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Covered a wedding of a friend who is also a client who is also in a way my boss. Long story short, an entire wedding event was captured.

Before I go on, here I shall Congratulate the Newlyweds, Adrian & Li Yen.

The wedding was held on the following day after the Royal Wedding at the Holy Rosary Church located in town.

Here are my favorite ones of the day. (Sequenced according to the event.)

… and they live happily ever after.