What about me?

I am a guy who never wants to grow..

A chatterbox..

A big Poser who influence young kids..

…and also the not so young ones…

I will inherit the Lim.. because if I don’t, there will be a stop in my generation. (Because my sister and cousins are all ladies)

My family without my uncle in the picture..

My other family..

I am a sneaker head.. Am obsessed with sneakers… Having 20 over pairs at the moment, and it will definitely grow..

Part of my Nike Air Force 1/Court Force collection..

I live in my own fast paced world.. Not really fast actually, it really depends what I am doing.. When it comes to studying, maybe not so fast after all..

For your info, I am not a drunkard.. Although I may look like one..

I am an engineering student @ KBU International College.. Mechatronics is the name of my course..
I am a GeeK at times.. I’d love to follow the latest trend in technologies.. My digital gadgets are always within my reach.. I will die for Internet.. Would you?

Or would you rather cal me a freak?

Was an o2 fan before they changed their manufacturer.. So I guess it remains as a HTC fan..

And this is my current PDA.. A Dell Axim X51v running on Wm6..

Currently the Dell and both the o2’s have died on me.. I’m back to square one and I am a Nokia N80ie user.

I am an amateur hobbyist photographer who is using Canon EOS 400D Canon EOS 40D (upgrade!).

My camera.. Now I have a another dSLR, that’s my old camera, Canon Powershot S3is..

Call me a GeeK.. These are my gears.. Basically in that photo.. Only my iPod Nano is still surviving and in use. 😀

When I travel, air port security thinks I am a suicide bomber.. But these are just chargers!

Even as a hobbyist photographer.. I would…

..get down to the ground..

Or get over a stream to take my chances to snap a good photo..

I am not rich..

But I have dumped a lot of hard earnings and savings on my expensive hobbies..

I do love sports too..

I’m a Nike+ runner..

This is essential for running!

I am a blogger, blogging in this space.. Hoping you will enjoy reading this blog, and before you leave, please leave some comments.. Especially constructive ones.

  1. YeinJee says:

    Hi, found your site while blog hopping. Love your photos, keep it up.

  2. aaron says:

    nice hobbies bro! expensive 1 too…haha

  3. Jaclyn Chew says:

    hey there would u be interested to do an advertorial for me? sorry had to be informal about this but i cant seem to get your email from your profile

    do contact me at doinkyjac@gmail.com

  4. joseph says:

    what up im from san diego. i came acroos that sticker “streething” i was wondering if you knew where i could get one of those?

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