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Posted: 7 April, 2007 by suehlung in At Random

i’ve been in uni for 6 weeks already.. time flies.. i somehow still feel like i juz entered uni.. we still get ‘lost’ occasionally cause the inside is pretty symmetrical.. everything is the same on both sides of d building.. n its kinda like a building in a building which leads to poor line coverage for digi users like me unless u’re near a window.. monash needs the yellowMEN badly along with d feng shui master and the couple to find the ‘wong-est’ spot.. fresh air and cool breezes only comes into the building from 2 sides… which makes the corridors stuffy and uncomfortable while waiting to enter the lecture theaters and classrooms.. at the 5th  floor, there’s a great view of sunway lagoon accompanied by cooling gusts of winds..  the music played there could be heard quiet clearly too..

lectures aren’t too long or short either.. one hour for a lecture isn’t too bad.. whats bad is the uncomfortably hard and short benches in the theater.. we were all hoping for cinema like seats in uni.. but we haven’t been to a lecture theater with one yet.. hopefully the spanking new campus’ lecture theaters would be equip with those large, comfy and soft seats in every theater.. :).. moving on to the classrooms where we have our tutorials.. they’re like a freezer especially if you’re seated under the air flow of the air conditioning unit.. all the their tables don’t come with under table drawers to put books and stuffs.. and its leg rest under the table is in the center instead of the end of the table their seats are like those kinds with a flipped up table top just without the table top but with bar across the legs of the chair acting as a leg rest.. that leg rest is really a nuisance..

food here is bad.. very bad.. there’s this House of Pan Mee.. i don’t eat pan mee usually..  before this i think i’ve only tried a few times by pinching my sister’s food.. i’m alright with it now.. service is real real slow and bad.. sometimes they mix your order up.. instead of getting soup based pan mee, you’ll end up having dry pan mee and vice versa.. there used to be a orange shop.. i know it sounds weird.. as the name suggests, the walls of the shop are painted orange.. there’s pink and white too.. we only ate in orange once.. and that was on the first orientation day.. and also the last.. cause it closed down a few days later along with the pink shop.. then there’s a food court which is even more crowded then before, thanks to the closure of the 2 shops.. pretty hard to get a table there during lunch breaks.. then there’s this malay shop selling mamak food… then there’s the cafeteria/canteen.. it has way more food then taylors’ cafeteria.. its hot and stuffy down there.. food is like a limited edition nike invisible womens.. so rare.. only 250 pairs in malaysia is it? don’t remember what kinz told me last time.. we often go back to ss15/taylors to have lunch during our 2 hour breaks.. thankfully there are 2 hour breaks.. if not, we would be having a though time on deciding where to eat.. over there there’s the old faithful Asia Cafe ( serves whatever you want to eat ), Uncle Seng ( serves handmade noodle wantan mee ), McD ( guess what’s the outlet name… its McDonalds TAYLORS.. seriously..), Chap Fan, Silva’s ( mamak food ), Salmon Steak ( western asian fusion.. fried rice with lamb/chicken chop/fish fillet n with different seasonings.. ), Cabana ( nasi lemak, err… i don’t really know what they have there.. ermm.. free flow of ice lemon tea..), Old Town Kopitiam and a several other shops.. i think Asia Cafe is enough to tapau sunway’s shops anytime..

tutorials.. in the beginning it was bearable.. managed to do half of the questions at home before attending classes.. but that was like for the first tutorial class for every subject.. gotta give a good first impression ma.. i remembered someone telling me that the first impression of a person is always the best impression and we often fail to give that impression again as we see each other more often.. as lectures go by, we progressed deeper into the syllabus and  the questions got harder and i got lazier and less motivated, i end up copying my friend’s work and i end up learning nothing.. sigh..

oh ya.. there’s this new who is replaced the old lecturer a few weeks ago.. the previous lecturer had an australian accent.. and this new guy had an INDIAN accent as we think he’s from india.. on his first lecture with us, we were practically laughing the whole way.. imitating his accent.. converted is said as kanverted.. conduction as kanduction and many more.. and its pretty hard to get what he’s saying cause of the accent..

2 weeks ago we had our first lab project.. it was the Formula R Egg Race.. no idea why its called Formula R.. our objective was to compete with the other people from the same tutorial group to launch the raw chicken egg along with the vehicle to the furthest possible horizontal displacement powered only with a standard rubber band.. no rotating parts and lubricants were allowed.. and the egg also shouldn’t break in the process.. the furthest this year was 10.9m.. the year before was 16m i think.. and we managed to get 5.12m after much designing and changing plans and testing.. we ended up using a sledge.. the skis were straws and the seat of the egg was made by folding a piece of aluminum from a can and protecting the santa in this case the egg by wrapping it with fruits wrapper and putting a safety belt on santa.. aka just taping the egg to the seat and we used the smallest possible chicken egg that we could find.. after that it was presentation time.. i always screw up in presentations because i have stage freight.. my leg’s shake, my hand’s shake, my hand’s get cold and i forget what i’m supposed to say.. i’m a pussy when it comes to presentations..

played tennis for the first time in my life on wednesday after classes.. before the ball comes to you, you can think of hitting like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Justin Henin.. you can think of those topspin (whatever that is), slices, drop shots, volleys, forehands, single handed backhands and double handed backhands.. but when its coming at you.. you just go blank and hit the ball.. serving the ball is kinda fun.. its like smashing in badminton.. but i’ve yet to serve over the net.. and i’ve gotta take care of the wrist and back of mine.. it sounds like i played a lot on wednesday.. but i only played like 10-15 minutes.. lol..

our 2nd lab project was done today.. i mean friday.. it was called the Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop.. our aim is to make the egg fall from the 5th floor to the 1st floor with the shortest time possible without breaking the egg in the process.. there are several weight restrictions for this project.. the chicken egg must weigh at least 55g and the whole contraption no heavier than 85g.. which means just 30g of protection to ensure the survival of the egg.. we’ve been dropping eggs since monday.. and i think we’ve killed like 30 chics along the way until we came up with our last minute contraption inspired by those who pitied us.. no wonder chics are so hard to find.. a species facing extinction..

my mid semester break starts today.. yay.. its only for a week.. then after that the quizzes, tests, assignment deadlines and project deadlines come closer.. i really need to make up for lost time during this break.. my dad always say that weekends and holidays are times for you to catch up.. i don’t wanna repeat this semester or any subject during the whole duration of the course..  i don’t wanna sleep my holiday away.. but the afternoons are just so uncomfortable to study.. sigh..

  1. kinz says:

    Wow.. After so long only u tell us about ur uni.. so dis week very free huh? come lets go curve for a jog.. try out the new nike+.. free trial.. i’m going next week i think.. wanna go?

  2. suehlung says:

    everyday in uni oso is d same ma.. takkan u wan me to say d same thing everyday meh..

    wats it about? orange run?

  3. kinz says:

    go to fitness first.. (anyone can go in to try out the new nike+) and then wear the nike+ shoe (with the chip) and they’ll pass u an ipod.. den run on the threadmill.. they will count distance, time, pace/speed, and calories.. kinda cool.. i wanna go for another run.. ahhahah.. lets go lets go…

  4. suehlung says:

    u went b4????? eish..

  5. Jaay says:

    hey i just want to know in the formula R egg Race did your egg managed to survive from breaking?

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