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Yesterday, an addition to the family was born.. Baby is right, but no don’t get me wrong. No one was pregnant, my sister got a new baby, a four wheeler baby.

โ™ซ Beep Beep Beep Beep Yeahhh….. โ™ช

Spent 15 minutes taking a few photos of the car earlier today.

Enjoy the photos below..



Goodnight… :p



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On the 8th day of the Chinese New Year marks a very special day for the Hokkien ethics. Why? Hmm, I’m not so sure. Am I a Hokkien myself? Yes I am but my knowledge on these are really shallow.

Anyway, it has been four years since we last celebrated Pai-Ti-Kong. This was because both my grandparents passed away and we are not supposed to carry out this ceremony.

So… Here are some photos of last night.

Gold Paper as offerings.

I bet you people didn’t have a good rest last night as the fire crackers and fireworks were played non stop throughout the night. If that’s the case, better have a good rest tonight.. Goodnight peeps..

Small house, not a small home..

Posted: 16 February, 2010 by kinz in Family Occasions

It all went past so quickly, the Chinese New Year’s eve, the First Day and now even the Second Day of Chinese New Year has passed us by.

Just to fit in the mood, I am dressed in red!

On the way to my aunt’s, with my Dad’s Raybans Aviators from the early 90’s.

See, that’s what happens when your dad has the same size in shoes as you do.. He shares my shoes. Anyway, I seldom wear Dunks anymore, and he seem to like it. ๐Ÿ˜€

At my aunt’s.. Clogs are the way to go!

My family and I had an awesome day spent at the “hometown”, Cheras.

So, this year apparently is the very last Chinese New Year spent in this small wooden house. Here is where, my mum and her 9 other siblings grew up.

From the outside.

The entrance of the house. House number 440, (pronounced as “Four-four-langlang = zero in hakka). So even though most of the siblings are married and have moved out from this place, they ocassionally meet up here.. Usually every weekend. Hence 440 is the headquarters and the best hang out place for them and us (the younger generations.) Notice the spray paints? Yea apparently 23-12-09 was the date they are gonna tear the house down. So apparently due to some unforseen circumstances, they’ve extended and therefore we are able to celebrate this Chinese New Year in this little house. ๐Ÿ˜€

The house + the kitchen. Noticed the Astro dish? Yeaaa Astro reaches to every single inch of the country!

The bathroom area.

So today, the second day of Chinese New Year, almost every member of the family members reunite in this house.

Of course we had Yee Sang!

Look at the amount of hands! This excluding the children. You don’t wanna know how many kids are there.

My dad chatting with his brother and sister in laws.

Here are the siblings. Minus 3 brothers which are not in the photo.

Plus their spouses!

Plus some ofย  the children.. That’s not all by the way.. Imagine the amount of people in that small little house today.. Awesome! (click on picture for larger view.)

Just like any other years, Chinese New Year will never be complete without gambling. So there it is. Black Jack for numerous hours! I was a part of it too. ๐Ÿ˜€

And lastly, naughty boy will definitely get punishment for they’ve done. I mean c’mon, it’s Chinese New Year, you get to meet all your cousins and you have too much of cookies and soft drinks. Can’t blame him for the high level of sugar that makes him going bonkers. But oh well, it was really funny. ๐Ÿ˜€

From the previous blog post, you’ve met my family from my dad’s side. Today you get to meet the family from my mommy’s side. So I guess you’ve seen them all. ๐Ÿ˜€

I love my family and my extended family, every bit of it is lovely and is greatly appreciated! So that’s all you need to know.. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Reunion Dinner..

Posted: 15 February, 2010 by kinz in Family Occasions

Reunion dinner is always the dinner to look for. My mum prepares the best dishes in the world. This year my mum is a wee bit more health concious. Therefore, less meat, more greens and cut down on fats. And also no prawns.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Nevertheless, I enjoyed dinner last night..

Here are some photos of the dishes.

One of the major highlight of the night.. Abalones with clams.

Sharks’ fin soup with dried scallops and crab.

Some stew stuffs. Consists of mushroom and sea cucumber and more.

Roast Duck..

Mixed Vege.

Brocolli with fresh scallops.

We had steamfish too.

Not to forget we started off with Yee Sang, which was really awesome.. ๐Ÿ˜€

I actually forgot to take a photo of the soup.. (yea sharks’ fin soup wasn’t the only soup we had..) But I somehow was too full and I forgot to consume my soup.. How silly.. Uggh.. Bummer.

After dinner we hung around the house and watch tv. Then later on, I started setting up the house to take some photos. So we had the usual and boring family photos. Then we started doing stupid poses and everyone started camwhoring. Even my mom did. Hahaha. It was fun..

The ladies… ๐Ÿ˜€

Mum & Sis.

Genevieve and MayKin.

My cousins and family.

Uncle & Aunt.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Daddy Mummy Sis and I.

Brother Sister Geeks.

Sisterly love.

Flower power?

Mum wayfarer-ed. Hahaha.

Tigerr? Not..

Okie that’s all for now.. Happy Chinese New Year and have a great one with your family.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Cheers and goodnight!

Dinner Teaser.

Posted: 13 February, 2010 by kinz in Family Occasions

Are you home this festive season? Go home and celebrate this Chinese New Year with your loved ones.

I am waiting for my reunion dinner to start. I’m starving! ๐Ÿ˜€ Here’s one of the eight dishes ready to be served!

Abalone.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Wheee.. Can’t wait to have my dinner soon. My mum never fail to cook good food. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you out there..

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Latest Babies of the year.

Posted: 5 January, 2010 by kinz in Family Occasions

What if your birthday falls on the 30th or 31st December? Believe it or not, my cousin’s and aunt’s birthday fell on the 30th and 31st December respectively.

So yea.. Happy Belated Birthday to Koko & Amanda.

Had dinner at Pantai Seafood, followed up with the cutting cake “ceremony” at my house later that night.

My sampat cousin singing Happy Birthday.

Kor kor (as what I call) singing along to the birthday song.

So the task here is, to blow of the candle one by one.

And I must say they did a pretty good job.

Then it was time to eat the cake..

Nom nom nom.. My other cousin Genevieve.

Rawrrrr!!!! THIS IS MY CAKE!

That’s all for now folks. Stay tune for my rowdy and thrashy New Year’s Eve photos. Coming up soon.. Cheers!

When I was a kid, I used to call it the Lantern Festival.. As I grew older, I call it the Moon Cake Festival.. Finally, I grew enough to know it’s real name. The Mid Autumn Festival.

Last weekend, we went down town to my aunt’s place in Cheras to celebrate the Mid Autumn festival. They do it the traditional way. Where they setup some tables with some candles and joss sticks and fruits and lotsa stuffs to pray. My lil cousins were everywhere.. Playing with first lantern, later candles and ended up playing fire. Just the way I used to do it.

Oh well. As usual the photos will speak for itself.

It started off small and empty..

My sis went to hype up those kids with lanterns and candles..

Father and kids having a great time. ๐Ÿ˜€

Nothing is more exciting than to see a lantern burning.

My parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and my sister hanging around outside.. Chatting while munching on some snacks.

Everyone had lotsa fun until it was time to go home…

I have to go now.. I have a test tomorrow.. See ya fellas… Ciao!