Trusty Forty..

Posted: 2 July, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots
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Most of you must have realized the lack of updates on this space.. This is because I am busy with school work, photography jobs, tired with my camera, spending some time with the missus, and also my camera has been away for a week. On the way home from a photo assignment with eman I was sooo tired that I decided to leave everything in his car. My bags, my lenses, my batteries, my card reader, and I think there’s a pack of chewing gum in the bag.. Or maybe not…

So yea, I’ve been cameraless for a week, and I must say it feels quite good.. Not needing to worry about my gears at home alone when I am out, and not needing to lug these heavy gears everywhere I go.. Anyway, I still miss my forty D.. Should be getting it back home today.. 😀

My 40D.. Taken from ewin‘s A700 quite some time ago, when he wanted me to show how did I setup to shoot my “studio” shots.

Internet connection at home is such a bitch. I hate it so much that I am not online most of the time. Hence, I am blogging from my uni’s computer lab during break.

Lecture today was quite good I’d say. Anyway, I have to run for my next class.. See ya peeps! Keep on coming to my site alright? I will be updating more often soon! Cheers! Till then.

  1. ye says:

    HMMM… :p

  2. JET says:

    Any tutorial guide in how to produce the studio shots in this post?
    I created myself a mini studio box. Maybe the light is not enough, the photo/output does appear as nice as expected. 😦

  3. ea says:

    Looks nice beb 😉

  4. kinz says:

    ye: yess? *-)

    JET: Nola.. For me.. I will usually overexpose the background and then meter the item lorr… I used to have a mini studio.. However I don’t use it anymore.. I just use a white background.. Bounce flash and overexpose the background.. Simple and easy..

    ea: thanks beb! I am missing my camera.. Do you miss me? *-)

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