The Invisible Woman..

Posted: 8 November, 2010 by kinz in Sneakers
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So here I am blogging again…

If you know me four years ago, you would have knew that I am crazy for this particular pair of sneakers..

The Air Force 1 Invisible Woman. It is a shoe from the Fantastic Four Pack released in 2006.. I went totally crazy over this pair. Only 30 pairs made it to our shores. And I am one of them, lucky enough to get my feet exposed through my sneakers.

Only Premium Air Force 1’s has square dotted inner sock lining. This is a small touch which differs the Premium from the General Release.

I spent RM429 on these gems four years ago.

Not too long ago, I sold these babies.. Just because I could not find any reason why I should keep them. They are turning yellow even when I don’t wear them. Slightly used and I managed to sold it off  slightly above retail. That wasn’t my concern. I was very thankful that I sold it off to some dude who really appreciate it. More loving from the new #bro I guess.

And for now it is time for me to move on from non-practical-but-pretty-and-unique-looking-sneakers-which-is-hard-to-find-and-cost-a-lot-of-money…

  1. smashpOp says:

    ya wo.. can see yellowish d

  2. pickreplica says:

    Wow, It’s beautiful!This is my blog –

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