*chik chak*

Posted: 4 August, 2010 by kinz in Gadget Related, Random Snapshots

Just shot a couple of photos of my very own camera out of boredom from revision..

EOS 5DmkII..

I wish. It’s an EOS 40D still. Bahhh!!!

Both my frequent used lens happened to share the same diameter. So if any of you would like to donate/share/buy me a filter, whether its Gradual Neutral Density filter, Circular Polarizer or even UV Filter, the size is 82mm.. Thanks!

So if you’re wondering. What did I use to shoot the photos above..

It is something from the dark side.

Nikon D3000, SB600 and my very own Sigma 530 DG Super. Triggered by my Phottix Strato.

Still if you’re wondering what I used to snap the photos above…


And the above was shot with the Nikon D3000. (it has to stop…)

In case you’re wondering, the D3000 is not mine, belongs to my sisters office. She brought it home after a conference.


Okie that’s all folks. I am really sleepy. Got to go.. Goodnight!

  1. smashpOp says:

    first foto i loikeee!!

  2. waiee says:

    you know, for the first pic, when ur caption read “EOS 5DmkII”, i was looking at the pic and the words “EOS 40D” are so clear on the camera… i was thinking, eh he put the wrong pic.. hahah gayy

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