Skin Deep!

Posted: 21 July, 2010 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Would you pay to torture and injure yourself? Apparently I do. I boulder (or some would say rock climbing) to get injure myself. Bruises, aches, cuts and skin rips are no longer stranger to me.

I’ve not climbed for 2 weeks, and I came home with two new friends today..

Say hello to my hands. 😀

Washing my face with the facial foam was a bitch! I could not use anything else other than my palm. I jumped up and down and left and right when I was washing my face.

I am a sadist. I pay to get hurt and I enjoy what I am doing… 😦

  1. ye says:

    how to paktoh like that?!

  2. ea says:

    ^ Exactly! 😦

  3. DaeHyunKim says:

    omg! Why did you get to hurt yourself so much?.. that looks so painful .. I hope it heals fast! Be careful next time! Don’t get hurt! 🙂

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