Two and a Quarter Terror Bites!

Posted: 1 July, 2010 by kinz in At Random

As most of you already know I was bitching and whining about my hard disk which crashed last month. Searched for a bunch of data recovery experts. They are either too expensive, (approximately RM1.2k-2k to recover a 750GB Hard Drive) or they are not able to help me.

Finally, I resorted to Google (about my problem) and I found out that I was not the only one facing such issue with my hard drive. Apparently my batch of the Seagate Barracuda 7500 has some issues with the firmware. Read a whole lot of tutorials on how to repair it yourself and lastly, I realized that Seagate provides a 5 year warranty and some of them mentioned that Seagate will be able to fix it for free. Not to forget the best part of it, the data remains in there, non altered or what so ever. Hooray… Contacted them via email last Wednesday, Friday a UPS rider came to pick the hard disk up from my house to be sent to Singapore. On Monday and Tuesday it was quiet, no emails or calls or what so ever.

I had a shocking phone call from UPS yesterday (Wednesday), stating that they are gonna attempt delivery in the evening. I was told to ensure that someone will be home to collect the parcel.

When I came home, the first thing I did was to open the package and check if my data is still intact.

Tadaaa.. Such a huge box filled with foam to protect the hard disk.. They took so much care of my hard drive.. ♥

My data is still intact. Woohoo.. I actually bought 2 more SATA hard drives on the following day when I discover my hard drive failed. They are for temporary and backup usage. 1 TERAByte and 500GIGAByte each.


…that my Seagate Barracuda is working again, I now have a whooping 2.25 Terabytes. Bite me! 😀

I will make sure that I backup everything right now. Losing all my photos (without any backup) is really painful. I am not gonna let that happen again.


I am a happy soul again. 😀

Now that all my photos are back again, I shall dig up some old photos to blog again soon. Till then!

p/s: I am really happy with the service Seagate has offered me. I am so thankful that my data is all back in here.. 😀 Great job Seagate! Kudos!

  1. waiee says:

    congrats on recovering all your data!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. JET says:

    Wow !! I’m very very surprise that…
    1) It can be recover
    (it’s due to the comment problem of seagate firmware?. If in this case, does this it the solution might not works on other brand?)
    2) IT’S FOC !!!!

    so… with such incident… in future will u still buy Seagate HDD?

    • kinz says:

      Yea. Trust me I am very surprised too. I actually got to know about these from the Seagate International Forum. (Yes there is a forum for Seagate.. LOL) And yup it is free too. What surprise me the most was it was that the duration taken to repair was damn fast! And yea best of all it is free.. Not even shipping fee.. Hehehe.. :p

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