Zapato del Barco!

Posted: 18 April, 2010 by kinz in Sneakers

Last Wednesday, before heading to library, I made a de-tour to Mid Valley to pick up some new shoes. When I heard that the new Zapato del Barco dropped at Sole What? and Studio R, immediately my brain stopped thinking. All I know is I need them so badly. Yes I bought a pair of Navy Blue/White Zapato from SoleWhat? last December. Here’s a recap.. The other time, I went immediately the next day when I knew it was released. This time around, it took me two days to realized I really need them.

Whee.. My new love. 😀

SoleWhat? ran out of sizes. Or should I say they didn’t any more in my size. 😦 To be honest, I was beginning to feel quite disappointed. Walked over to Studio R, they had the same pair in the same colour and another in white and another black one with white lace. However I didn’t like them. I MUST have these all black upper with white vulcanized sole. 😀 Happy as I was, being able to see them on shelves. Asked the sales assistant for a pair in my size.. Took him quite awhile, and he came out empty handed.. 😦 I swear I was about to go MEHHHHHHH!! Asked if they have any other outlets where they have one in my size. And thankfully, the one at Royal Sporting House, at Ground floor has them. Whee.. It was the 2nd last pair. Damn! These shoes are selling fast! Or should I say, many small foot-ers like me fancy these!

Another view of it. Sorry, couldn’t help but I have to take a few shots of these.. 😀

Just like waiee, we indulge to footwear.. 😀 Different footwear of course.. However I do give good opinions on ladies footwear too.. Especially flats.. 😀 Hehehe. Right right @ waiee… 😀

Can’t wait to break fresh into these.. 😀

I guess I’m good with two pairs of Zapatos in two solid colorways. Do I need anymore? Hmm.. I guess I’m good for now..


  1. ye says:

    YEAHHH your head! :p
    New love? 😦
    Er the only opinion you gave was what colour to get them in! And knowing me you just told me black. Hahaha. But yes ok, you give good opinions, just because you helped me decide. 🙂

    • kinz says:

      Ehh. I did tell you which is nicer and which is not and what to buy and what not to buy okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. hahaha.. oh well it’s all good anyway.. 😀

  2. eman says:

    How much were they? kat sini vans mahal nak mampos. about 150aud or something, last I checked.

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