5/365 Robo-Boogie.

Posted: 19 March, 2010 by kinz in Project 365

Do the Robo-Boogie..

Robo-Dancer. Pick this robo-dude from a handicap woman in Penang last year. Apparently, profits from this little bugger will go to charity.

Oh well, this guy dances to any tunes. Even when there’s no tunes. Just wind him up and he’ll be dancing. Cute little fella stands right below my LCD monitor.

Single strobe bounced to a stack of A4 Paper. Table was sort of glossy, hence the reflection.

  1. emanazrin says:

    lovin the 580 ehh

    • kinz says:

      Ofkawssss!!!! So solid and so nice. But I miss having two flashes.. My sigma still in hospital.. 😦 And my 24-70.. Goshh they’re taking too long.. (almost 2 weeks)

  2. smashpOp says:

    i remember u posting this before. u bought it when u were eating at some stalls rite…

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