Joint Welding.

Posted: 12 March, 2010 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Today, was just like any other Fridays, I’d do the laundry, go to uni and start welding. Welding is my lab assignment for Manufacturing Process.

I brought my dSLR today to snap some photos after I completed my assignment.

So here they are..

Iron Man at work.

Those flares are killer for the eyes.. Not for the sensor of the camera I guess..

Oooh just realized this guy wasn’t using the visor when welding.. HERO!! I bet he was blinded after that!

Close ups!

Here’s another.. Most shots were taken with my 50mm.. Loving them thrifty fifty. 😀

Miss my 24-70 f2.8… I thought it wouldn’t miss them.. Oh well, I hope the AutoFocus will get back to normal soon. And so is my Sigma flash.. 😀 Hopefully that wide panel won’t cost too much..

Anyway. I’m off now.. Going for my Friday night hangout with some friends.

Oh by the way.. This is a photo of the work station.. 😀

The workstation!


  1. waiee says:

    Lol @ the caps at the end. It feels like OKAY I REALLY GOTTA RUN BYE!
    did u take the pics while the visor thing was down or wat?

    • kinz says:

      Erm, nope. My face wasn’t covered when I was taking the photo.. It wont make me blind la.. Just for a short while and I don’t have to focus so closely to it compared to if I were to do it.

  2. wong elana says:

    awesome welding photo shot .

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