2/365 Skin Dip.

Posted: 10 March, 2010 by kinz in At Random, Project 365, Random Snapshots

So I figured, I’ll continue with my project 365 whenever I have nothing to blog about. By doing so, there is no reason for not having any blog content in here. I mean posting a photo everyday isn’t that hard right? It only takes probably bout 5 minutes…

So here it is.. 2/365 Skin dip isn’t deep.

His name is Mario, Indonesian. He’s my classmate. Plays with paper clips and put them through his skin.

Shot from waist level during class.

March 10th marks his birthday. Happy Birthday Mario. Now do you know how his name came about?

  1. waiee says:

    Omg! Is that really a paper clip through his lip?! 😐
    No, I dunno.. how did his name come about?
    And March 10th is also Cze’s birthday! 🙂

  2. Emily T says:

    How come not painful for him to have the paperclip through his lips!!?

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