Posted: 6 March, 2010 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Lack of updates again.. Sigh.. I’ve been really busy with school.. It’s all about school.. 😦 My to do list for this weekend has 10 items on it. And guess what?  Today, a Saturday, I had my MidTerms. -___-” So sick of this. As I mentioned, I have 10 items on my to do list, 10 of them are school related stuffs, and my weekend only starts from evening.. Sighh… Hate it hate it hate it.

However, I bought a few rolls of film to keep. I randomly will slot them into my Daddy’s old Rangefinder camera and shoot every once in awhile. Really random stuffs. And guess what? My third roll of film (so far, has been quite a success.. :D) Although there are still out of focus shots, but I have quite some nice ones this time.. Yippee!! Anyway here are the photos.

Can y ou tell me how many signs are there in this photograph?

Mummy in kitchen preparing the reunion dinner.

Last but not least, Daddy fixing the toilet flush. Hahaha.

I love how the images turn out to be. Not all of them but almost all of them. I like how the colours are and how they classic/vintage they feel. These photos above directly from Film Scan and I only added my tag via photoshop. No additional digital post processing were done in the photos in above. Other than resizing for web purposes of course.

The weather is pretty indecisive. Not only indecisive, it chooses to rain at the wrong time. 😦 It never rains when I am about to sleep, but it always rains when I am about to leave the house, especially after lacing up for my daily (trying to make it a daily thing) jogs.

Oh well.. Anyway I got to go right now. Gonna go to Cze Wien’s Birthday party at her place. Hmm, initially I was supposed to go as a photographer, now I don’t have my camera.. I am only going with a flash. Oh and my daddy’s rangefinder camera too.. Yippee.. Hopefully ISO 400 will be sufficient.

Anyway, that’s all folks.. Cheers and have a great weekend.. (While I can’t..)


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