Reunion Dinner..

Posted: 15 February, 2010 by kinz in Family Occasions

Reunion dinner is always the dinner to look for. My mum prepares the best dishes in the world. This year my mum is a wee bit more health concious. Therefore, less meat, more greens and cut down on fats. And also no prawns.. 😦

Nevertheless, I enjoyed dinner last night..

Here are some photos of the dishes.

One of the major highlight of the night.. Abalones with clams.

Sharks’ fin soup with dried scallops and crab.

Some stew stuffs. Consists of mushroom and sea cucumber and more.

Roast Duck..

Mixed Vege.

Brocolli with fresh scallops.

We had steamfish too.

Not to forget we started off with Yee Sang, which was really awesome.. 😀

I actually forgot to take a photo of the soup.. (yea sharks’ fin soup wasn’t the only soup we had..) But I somehow was too full and I forgot to consume my soup.. How silly.. Uggh.. Bummer.

After dinner we hung around the house and watch tv. Then later on, I started setting up the house to take some photos. So we had the usual and boring family photos. Then we started doing stupid poses and everyone started camwhoring. Even my mom did. Hahaha. It was fun..

The ladies… 😀

Mum & Sis.

Genevieve and MayKin.

My cousins and family.

Uncle & Aunt.. 😀

Daddy Mummy Sis and I.

Brother Sister Geeks.

Sisterly love.

Flower power?

Mum wayfarer-ed. Hahaha.

Tigerr? Not..

Okie that’s all for now.. Happy Chinese New Year and have a great one with your family.. 😀

Cheers and goodnight!

  1. eman says:

    Nice pics beb 😉

  2. kinz says:

    eman: thanks beb… i use both softboxes. 😀

    yonghua: thanks. 😀

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