Crabby Silhouttes.

Posted: 22 January, 2010 by kinz in Random Snapshots

So at Pulau Ketam, where I last blogged about. Hehehe. Sorry, I was soooooo busy with uni stuff until I do not have time to spend with my bunch of friends and even my girlfriend.. Sighh… I wish there was 48 hours a day and 14 days a week.. How great..

Oh well, anyway.

Remember this shot?

Yea, doesn’t she look like a tourist? Hahaha… Oh well..

I took quite a lot of photos of her. 😀

Here’s another one of her.. 😀

But she doesn’t want her picture to be taken alone.. So I had to jump in the picture with her..

And so, for the first few times the photographer shot himself.. How vain eh.. Oh well, I know you probably can’t stand this, therefore only photo is posted. 😀

And so we continued to cycle for a bit and off we went back to Klang..

Back at Klang, we realized it’s still a little early. So we found a nice spot to sit and chillax (chill out + relax)

That’s when I started to ask her, who the hell went to build a stupid bench right infrotn of a tree? I mean what view can you look at? Then she replied “It’s for people who likes photography and then they can snap a silhoutte of the tree..”

Then I went hmmmm.. “krrrkk krrrkk krrkkk” (adjusts the shutter and aperture dial on camera..)

*chik chak*

I was like hmmm wow.. Okayy… Not bad eh.

And that’s when I had another idea to syok sendiri.. 😀

Ahh hah…. 😀

And more silhoutte..


We left for home after sunset, if you noticed, the sky above us were literally filled with dark clouds. Will go there again another time. 😀

That’s all for now.. Going out soon..

See ya peeps! Thank you for dropping by still, even though I have  not been updating this space often. Cheers!

  1. pat says:

    So schweet! 🙂 Happy for you bro!

  2. rina says:

    Exactly, so sweet (:
    First time I see Kinz so hmm, filled with emotions.

  3. st says:

    why third pic stop at there wan?? 😛

  4. kinz says:

    pat: thanks.. 😀

    rina: haha okayyyyy….

    st: if not stop where??

    and erm. I wasn’t expecting comments like this. Lets just talk about the pictures taken shall we, it’s getting a bit awkward in here.. 😀

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