Two Years in a Night.

Posted: 11 January, 2010 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Hello all. I’ve been busy (as stated in the last 2598 posts.) I always start my blog entries by mentioning I’m busy and I’m busy.. Anyway, here it is I am finally blogging about my New Year’s Eve celebration. This year Last year was celebrated at Karl’s place in Puchong. I ended my year 2009 by drinking, and started 2010 by getting drunk. Not a very good way to end and start a year. Oh well, it’s just another way of celebrating.

So we had barbecue and some alcohol. That’s all it takes to throw a nice little house party.


Mess up 2010, and see what they’ll do to you.

The hosts.

The fire starter.

Waiee & I. Ber-shiok sendiri.

The chicken wing nerd.


We had so many chicken wings until we started a mini contest. Each and everyone had a chance to marinate and barbecue their chicken wing with whatever ingredients they can find in Karl Son’s house. And then there’ll be a tasting session after that. Nope he’s not the winner. There was no officiall winner that night as everyone like their own one.

Barbecued papaya anyone? It tasted really weird. Hot and erm juicy? Hmmm…

There was a mini performance by Karl Son’s dog. 😀

There was also a photography session immitating “Marley & Me”.

Later, we started to bring out the alcohol and the roulette together with the shot glasses.

In order to finish the food the right way, we decided to have some chicken wing, lemon and etc. in the game. 😀

First one to get my punishment. To eat the lemon like how you’d eat an orange. Chew it clean from the skin!

OVERDOSE!!!!! On chicken wings!




Maybe not yet.. 😀 Still can ber-shiok sendiri camwhore.

Chilling out beneath the stars.

Last photo of the night. From this photo onwards, everything was pure shots. Orange juice, lemon and coke, basically all the mixers were gone! So there it goes, a big bottle of Scotch Whisky and Baileys shared equally among 8 people. There goes our liver! Thank goodness, it was the last of the 4th Friday in a streak I got myself wasted. That’s it for now. I guess you know why this was the last shot. If you notice, my photos were getting more and more blur gradually.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Stay tune for more updates. (soon I hope.)


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