Latest Babies of the year.

Posted: 5 January, 2010 by kinz in Family Occasions

What if your birthday falls on the 30th or 31st December? Believe it or not, my cousin’s and aunt’s birthday fell on the 30th and 31st December respectively.

So yea.. Happy Belated Birthday to Koko & Amanda.

Had dinner at Pantai Seafood, followed up with the cutting cake “ceremony” at my house later that night.

My sampat cousin singing Happy Birthday.

Kor kor (as what I call) singing along to the birthday song.

So the task here is, to blow of the candle one by one.

And I must say they did a pretty good job.

Then it was time to eat the cake..

Nom nom nom.. My other cousin Genevieve.

Rawrrrr!!!! THIS IS MY CAKE!

That’s all for now folks. Stay tune for my rowdy and thrashy New Year’s Eve photos. Coming up soon.. Cheers!

  1. waiee says:

    aww, ur aunty looks so happy in that 4th pic. happy belated birthday to them both! 🙂

  2. st says:

    Happy birthday… I’m waiting for the next post 🙂

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