Rocking Farewell..

Posted: 9 December, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Sher Huey, a close friend of mine from high school, she’s leaving for Singapore on Thursday to pursue her career. Yes she’s the same age as me (no wait, I think she’s a year younger, ahhh damn it..) and yes she is a working adult now.. And I’m still a kid in school.. 😀 Oh well, we had dinner @ Vivo in Curve.

We were there.. Waiee, Suan Li, Sher Huey, Raymas and I. It has been a long time since we’ve met. And now they’re mostly going to work already. 😦

My Chocolate Marshmallow thingamajig.. Sher Huey & Suan Li ordered the same drink and yea it looked good.. I have to say it looked a bit better than it tasted.

Aloha/Hawaiian chicken I suppose.

I have no idea what pizza this is. There were mushrooms, chilli, capsicum, mushrooms again, and mushrooms… No idea what it’s called.

The fries Suan Li wanted.. Hahaha.

Then we shiok sendiri abit with my wide angle lens.. Trust me I was struggling.. Look at my face… :s

Then off we went to Yippee Cup.. There was Andrew, Eman, Ziyan, KweeJin, Evangeline, Waiee and I. It was a short one there, but it was awesome! Then we had our random racists jokes and what not.

What’s green and long and gets you high? I don’t know man..

Then we moved on to our new home. A place we’d like to be every midnight and jam all the way till the morning comes! Oh yea, it’s V Station… There we played Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles Rock Band..

Ahh, we rocked the place…

Okie that’s all folks.. I am going to sleep now.. I am so tired… Went all out tonight.. Goodnight fellas!

  1. kinz says:

    Tak best lorr.. You got Air Maxim 1 Parra.. 😦

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