Not So Clear Afterall…

Posted: 3 December, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots

I’ve been busy and miss Tay has been occupying most of my time lately. And also not to mention the other 3 men of my life whom make us an imperfectly perfect boy band. Anyway, yea here I shall continue on my Penang trip.

So after the marathon, we went back to the hotel for a nice hot shower.. Cleaned up, packed up and then took a short power nap to rejuvenate, and then checked out of hotel. Went over to Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Hahaha. What a name huh? Yea, the night before the Nasi Kandar was called “Beratur” and now it is Line Clear.. Ironic huh? From the name Line Clear, we were expecting a clear line at the Nasi Kandar stall. Oh guess what?

The line wasn’t clear at all!!!

Whee I’m a wee bit closer to my brunch!!!

Ahhhhhh.. Finally US and our Nasi Kandar.. Oh, look.. My friends were already digging in.. Just because they were ahead of me in line…

I was the last one to finish. Therefore Kwee Jin was fondling with his camera. (Oh by the way, it was his 450D in Penang all the way.. I did not bring my camera with me, only brought my wide angle along for his camera.)

The Nasi Kandar was reasonably priced. I mean if you compare to those in KL.. It is about a fraction of the price in KL.. I’m not a Nasi Kandar fan, so yea I have no rights to rate this, but in terms of price and all that, it’s quite good actually.

But if you’re asking if it is worth the wait? Let just say it is worth checking out if you’re curious about it. (This was when we were leaving by the way.. See the queue? Hahahha.. Penangites just love to queue for Nasi Kandar for God knows why..

Look.. We saw a Suzuki Hayabusa outside Nasi Kandar Line Clear. It is the world’s fastest production motorcyle. Has the top speed of 300kmph!!!! Now this is one hell of a speed demon! This is my first time seeing a Hayabusa.

Immediately after Nasi Kandar, we went over to New World Park for the famous Ais Kacang with mixed fruits.

Mine is mixed with watermelon, Jin’s has I-don’t-know-how-many-types-of-fruit plus ice cream. Andrew has Cendol and Jin ordered some super sweet pineapple and some weird stuffs. The fried oyster in New World Park is OMJIZZ-IN-MY-PANTS!!!!!! Seriously.. You have to try. Oh by the way, even if you don’t like it, it is okay, the fried oyster in Penang is half the price of fried oyster in KL, plus you get twice as much oysters. And not to forget 3 times the oysters size.

After that, we walked around, and then headed over to the bus stop to drop Sueh Lung and SookTeng, and then we went to Queensbay Mall for a walk. Then we decided to have Asam Laksa around that area before we head back home.. However, we ended up getting back to town which is not very near, and then we went back to New World Park for dinner.. Hahahha.. And yea, fried oyster again for dinner! Hahahha..

Back home to PJ.. Slept like a baby throughtout the journey. When I woke up, we were at Uptown eating Hokkien Mee.. Hahaha. That marks the end of our food tour.

Till then.. Goodnight.. 😀

  1. smashpOp says:

    4th foto: om nom nom nom

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