Dinner & Supper.

Posted: 30 November, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots

So.. To continue from where I stopped in the previous post..

We came here for dinner..

Yup, Gurney Drive for dinner.

As usual, in food stalls like this, usually there will be people trying to sell stuffs from table to table. So there was a mute girl, with a card and signage explaining what she’s trying to do. She was trying to sell us some toys. Those toys are amazing I tell you!

Andrew’s, Jin’s, mine.. Those two on the side are dancing robot. Ohyea they can do the Robo-Boogie. The frog in the middle, he can jump and make a backflip and then back on it’s foot again. How cool is that! So yea, we did a good deed by buying those toys at RM7 each.. That’s Rm21 for her.

Hawker stalls operators in Penang like to wear safety goggles when they’re frying. Just like the Char Kway Teow uncle mentioned in the earlier post.

This is the uncle above’s fried oyster stall. Check out the long queue. Oh Andrew took this picture. He might be checking out the girls’ asses. Just maybe.

We’re done with dinner…

Mr-I-Can-Eat-The-Universe still is still eating by the way, and he has more room for good food.

We then went over to Batu Feringghi to check out some cheap DVD’s and erm just walk around.

Some Harley-biker-gang-convoy was there, leaving from Eden Seafood Village.

There were like 20-30 of them. They did get a whole lot of attention.

Then we went back to town. Somewhere nearer to our hotel.

Spotted this place, called Nasi Kandar Beratur. And damnnnnn, there was a freaking long queue. So we decided to get in line, or rather Andrew decided to get in line. While we were just hanging out on the street. It’s 1am by the way, and these lifeless people are having Nasi Kandar.. What the hell is right..

Then we went back to the hotel.. Showered. Rested. Took a short power nap (bout 30 minutes) and then off we went to Queensbay Mall (about 2.45am)

Walked from quite far as the roads were closed for the Penang Bridge International Marathon. And off we went for our run…

After the race, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner. So stay tune for the last post on Penang. I have to take a dump now. So please if you may, excuse me.. 😀

  1. kinz says:

    Please la… I’m not like you, getting like few hundred comments a day. So no point being first.. Hahhaha..

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