Sun Sun Sun…

Posted: 26 November, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots
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Oh well in five years time we could be walking round a zoo
With the sun shining down over me and you
And there’ll be love in the bodies of the elephants too
And I’ll put my hands over your eyes, but you’ll peep through….

Noah & The Whale – 5 Years Time..

Today is one of the most boring day ever in history. I woke up a 10.55am to be precise. Watched Pulp Fiction (even before I brush up). Had lunch. Stone. Walked up and down. Stone. Then walk back up. Stone. Then tried to nap. Stared blankly at the ceiling. Stone. Send a mass message to my friends asking if anyone has any plans or up for anything. Sadly, none of them is up for anything. Talk about being neglected. 😦

Decided to go for a swim. And yup I went alone. There wasn’t anyone in the pool, other than 3 kids in the wading pool. I had the entire pool by myself. Felt good. Now that’s some very good time spent by myself.

I brought my camera along, just because I thought the skies were pretty.

And here I shall reveal the photos taken this evening.

Ken 3 Damansara.

Ameera is on the left.

The pool area. This photo looked like it has been heavily processed huh? Strange, but I only played with the Levels and Highlights. (Which applies to all other photos in this post)

The sun was beginning to set.

My favourite in this set. 😀

And finally, the sun set.. Then I left for home..

Nothing much else. Pretty darn bored day. But the sky and sun was really beautiful today…

All shots above were taken with Canon EOS 40D with Sigma 10-20. Nothing more and nothing less..

Till then.. See ya.


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