Joyous Dodgy Night Shoot.

Posted: 18 November, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Two nights ago, Jin and Andrew accompanied me on a photoshoot along LDP & Federal highway at around 10pm onwards. We had to stop our car by the highway on emergency lanes to shoot some photos of billboards. It was quite scary as it was quite late and any motorists could pull over and robbed us. I stood alone with my tripod on the pavement while Jin and Andrew sits in the car helping me to look out while talking to me from the window. It was kinda chilly. Oh, if you noticed, it has been quite cold/chilly in Malaysia. Every morning afternoon I have problems getting out of bed. Oh well, so here is one of the photos that I shot for fun (after getting sufficient shots of what needed)

My favourite of river of lights I’ve ever caught on my camera. I like where I stood, although I thought standing above in between both opposite directions will be awesome. I think this is really cool.

After all that, we headed back to Curve, it was about 1am or so. That was when I decided to reward Jin as he was being very nice and patient chauffering us around. Hahaha. So yea, he decided to have his fourth ice cream of the day. So we stopped by at KK Mart to get this little boy his ice cream. There, we found Tora, Ding Dang and JoJo. Do they ring a bell? Think of our childhood days, when we step in the sundry store or when the evening breadman stops outside your house. Oh well anyway they are mysteriosly fancy boxes that comes with an unknown toy and some dodgy chocolate (which usually our parents would throw them away) So yea, Jin was amused and he wanted to get either one. Hahahaha.. But I didn’t want to waste money. He went for those lil cone shaped jellies instead. Hahahha..

Went back to the office for a short while as Andrew has some unfinished business to do. While waiting for him, I had a small little photoshoot with Jin..

Nothing but Jin and his ice cream.. (more photos of this set in the next post.)

After that, I moved on with a little self portrait.

A roller coaster rideย  at the office. Look at those excessive fats on my face. Geeesh.

Syok-sendiri for quite a while.

Then we went back home. And the following day (yesterday) I had the same photoshoot but in the day.

That’s all for now. Stay tune..

  1. waiee says:

    yea the lights are nice ๐Ÿ™‚
    and why doesn’t jin look happy with his icecream? haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kinz says:

    Hahaha.. Thanks… Well you gotto ask him.. Hahaha..

  3. ewin says:

    damnnn nice 1st pic! i wanna shoot long exposure toooo! soon sooon

  4. kinz says:

    Woahh.. Your comments all same wan lorr… Hahaha.. Thanks anyway.

  5. smashpOp says:

    ahahah me n albert did this spin before also… fun eh? ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. kinz says:

    Hahahaha.. Yea damn fun, there were a few times I spun damn long and damn fast, until I had to pause for like 2 minutes and stone and look on the floor and the floor seems to be moving really fast.. Yea almost felt like puking.. Hahaha..

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