Posted: 14 November, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots

So here it is, the post I promised. Coliseum was the place we had for lunch last week. As continued from here .. I was taught much about our history of our culture and how hainanese chicken chops and hainanese – western fusion came about. I’ve learned a lot from them, well most of it not taught in our history back in high school. Adrian & Siva even told me a thing or two about the heritage of this place. The Captain of Coliseum Cafe now, an old uncle.. Apparently his parents used to work here and he lives in there throughout his life. From being a kid, washing the dishes, till now.. A captain.

The “Grand Entrance” of the Coliseum Cafe & Hotel.

Check that out! It’s a coat hanger! Anyway that was the hangout/bar area.

Great place to chill out and have a cold beer on a hot sunny day.

The two different worlds. The bar and restaurant is partitioned.

The restaurant area.

So while I was shooting photos of the surrounding, I told Siva to decide what’s best for me. And I was told that as a first timer, I must try their specialty, “The Sizzling Steak.”

Before the steak was served as I was sitting at the table, a waited pushed a cart and stopped about 10 meters away from me. I was thinking, hmmm.. Okie maybe that’s not mine and I don’t see any sizzles anyway. Suddenly, he walked to me, tied a bip overhanging from my neck. I was a little confused, especially when both Siva and Adrian was looking at me and said “HAHA! Are you ready for the sizzling steak? Now it’s time to experience the SIZZLING STEAK” with the πŸ˜€ look on their face. I was also told to prepare my camera. And so I did.

So the waiter pours the mushroom sauce over the hot plate with the steak in it. And zzzzzzzzzzzzsssizzlezzssizzlingzzaaazeeeezuuuuaazaassizzlingsizzlingggzz…

And then the steak was served on my table. That’s exactly how it looked like!

I was also told that this is my first timer.. So I must have a picture of myself with the steak..

And so I had my photo taken. I was looking like a tourist.

Until a point where some dudes at the bar stopped me from taking pictures. I chatted a bit with them, well they’re quite nice people.. They didn’t wanted to appear in the photos. And that’s why.. But oh well. I still acted like a tourist and took lots of pictures of the articles hung on the wall.

Some British dudes with guns back then..

A newspaper article of an advertorial space of the Coliseum Cafe from the year it was, 1921.

And there were many illustrations by Lat too. It’s a really awesome hangout place. I wonder if my parents used to date there. Apparently it is the Ritz Carlton of the yesteryears..

Okie that’s all.. I’m done blogging and I feel a wee bit sleepy.. Goodnight folks! The weekend is now here!



  1. pat says:

    Hmmmm… yummy!! Issit expensive?

  2. waiee says:

    ooh looks interesting. n u look so amused/happy in ur bip with ur steak. :p

  3. chocolateangel says:

    ooh kl coliseum!! went there once as a kid. πŸ˜€ they used to have a branch nearer in pj but i dont rmb its location or if its still open for business.. 😦

  4. kinz says:

    pat: erm.. okay.. about RM40 for a steak..

    waiee: ohyess i was.. hahahha.. especially when i was having my picture taken.

    siewyen: ohyeaa.. i think there was one in PJ New town.. Not sure if it’s the same coliseum.

  5. WenY says:

    haha they used to have the really delicious pork chop there. The cafe went down hill 2 years ago 😦 Maybe it has picked up now. Did your steak come with roasted potatoes or chips?

  6. Jacquelyn says:

    hmm thats a tomato served together with ur steak right? weird to see it there though πŸ™‚

  7. kinz says:

    Weny: oh really? not sure.. Yea it came with Roasted potatoes… Love it!

    jacquelyn: yupp.. the tomato came with it.. hahaha.. yea it’s kinda weird to see one whole tomato with a steak.. hehe.

  8. smashpOp says:

    eh i havent been here! bring me!

  9. kinz says:

    Oh yay!!! I’m not the only one who hasn’t been there.. Hahahhha..

  10. Can tell how you enjoy your food, good shot too…

  11. kinz says:

    minyoon: thanks.. yea and i really did enjoy the food.. πŸ˜€

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