Better Laid Than Never..

Posted: 13 November, 2009 by kinz in Sneakers

Ohyes I know I am supposed to blog about the lunch at Coliseum, but I am a little over excited about my pick ups from this week…

One of my favourite sneaker and of course my favourite among the Air Max series.. Here it is, the Air Max 95..

This colourway and edition is designed by well known Dutch artist called Parra. Hence this is called the Air Max 95 Running Man by Parra. This was released last year in conjunction of the Nike Running Man campaign which includes Parra and Misha. So yea, I bought this one year after the relese.. But hey.. It is better late than never!

This is by far the most colourful sneakers I bought this year. Compared to most that I bought which are black and white.. Hahaha.. Pretty sad ey. I just got this off the net for a steal earlier tonight. And I must say I got it at a very very good price.. Oh well, I’m gonna rock ’em hard!

And another shoe I bought 2 days ago. A shoe that I bought for a purpose other than for keeping or casual wear.

The Cragsdance. This must be the ugliest shoes I’ve bought this year in my life! Ugly is an understatement for this matter.. These are bouldering shoes by the way.

I started bouldering about a month plus ago. I figured that renting shoes is really costly in the long run. So I took the plunge and bought these.. You might be wondering, why on earth did I buy this colour? Well, simple, this one costs RM190, and the cooler ones cost about RM450. So yea.. I’m sure you manage to figure out why.

And that’s all for now folks. Stay tune till next update. Oh by the way it’s Friday.. That means the weekend is here.. Yippee!

  1. eman says:

    fucker dapat parras. damn. sexy bitch

  2. waiee says:

    hahah i knew u’d get them. and why la u must put the two shoes together, make one seem nicer and the other seem uglier. :p
    but it’s not thattt bad laa. the bowling shoes they rent out at the bowling alleys are even worse. 🙂

  3. Emily T says:

    I just wanna say that I love your pun in the title! Haha better LAID than never. Gawd.

  4. kinz says:

    smashpop: Hahahah.. 😀

    eman: thanks I know I’m a sexy bitch..

    waiee: well at least they are in seperate pictures.. imagine if they were in the same picture.. hahahah… bowling shoes… hmmmmm i don’t remember how it looked like already.. ahhaha. and it is true that the nicer one is really really nice..

    emily: well either laid or late, it is still better than never.. 😀

  5. st says:

    the gay parias… oops… i mean gay parras… =p

  6. kinz says:

    It’s PARRA not PARIA!!!

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