Driving on the fast lane.

Posted: 4 November, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Today is just another day of my holiday. Bummed out and a little more as usual. Just a little different, today I woke up at 5pm. Awesome huh. Initially I woke up at 2pm, surfed a bit, check to see that there isn’t anything new on anywhere (email, twitter, facebook, and forums) went back to bed and got up at 5pm. Had an apple for lunch (yea lunch at 5pm) a really late one. Bummed out a little, took a dump, went out for a jog. Clocked in 5km, came back and saw my cousin watching Across the Universe on Astro. Didn’t know it was shown on Astro. Watched here and there a little, changed, rest, had light dinner, and then went out for bouldering. That’s all I’ve done today (other than coming home, shower, had late dinner, and now I’m blogging)..

I am really bored.. I went to borrow a tripod from a friend, and on the way home I took some photos with the tripod. Yea I mean on the way home while I was driving.

Tripod mounted on the passenger seat infront. Buckled up. Set on Aperture Priority mode. Set the correct exposure and aperture. And started driving around. Caught some light trails.

Nope i wasn’t driving very fast. Merely a 100kph (if you’re looking at speedometer)

I might go out and take some long exposure shots one of these wet/rainy nights. Or do you have any suggestions of what I can shoot? Do drop one at the comment box below. If not, just drop something so that I can spend some time reading it.

On the side note, has anyone drawn a portrait of you?

Yes I have, erm in less than 2 minutes I must say.

Thiam Beng drew this while we were studying in the library. Oh yes I said it right, STUDYING. 😀

I told him the lips were really ugly and it didn’t look like mine, and that’s why he drew a scarf over it. -_-” Other than that. It does look quite like me. And oh, ignore that peace sign please..

  1. waiee says:

    u know, u really shouldn’t have commented on the lips. because now u just look like a bandit/robber. HAHA. :p

  2. smashpOp says:

    the hair really like yours lo! ahaha

  3. st says:

    omg… u really post it up…. u must be dam mou yeh cho edi… hahahha

  4. kinz says:

    waiee: hahahaa.. exactly. but those lips are ugly as hell!

    smashpop: thats what I thought too…

    st: now you know!

  5. eman says:

    “waiee: hahahaa.. exactly. but those lips are ugly as hell!”

    So are you 😉

    HAHAHA kidding. You know I love you. 3 more weeks woot!

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