Put a Stop!

Posted: 29 October, 2009 by kinz in Sneakers
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Once again, smashpop has to remind me to blog.

Exams are just over. I am a free man right now. It has been only two days and it’s quite boring I must say.

Here, again I shall showcase my new shoe. My latest addition from last week due to impulsive spending or should I say CSD. In case you don’t know, CSD is the acronym for Compulsive Sneaker Disorder. Yup it is an disorder. I really need to think wisely before I make any purchase next time. Sigh… Oh well, I’ll tell you why I made the plunge..

The Nike Air Rejuven8 Caol Uno (10AC Quickstrike Edition). In case you don’t know, this pair was designed for the Olympics 2008. These were used by and made for the athlete when they are resting or any other time when they are not in the sports arena.  Hence the name “Rejuvenate”. Legendary track coach and Nike founder Bill Bowerman once coined the phrase ““A hard day of training should be followed by a day of easy training.” With that, the Air Rejuven8 has a goal of creating the perfect post work out shoe.

Look at the package. I mean come on. It is complete with a bag.

This is what it came with. An additional pair of  interchangeable “inner sockets” which is washing machine safe. And so is the cage/shoe or whatever you call it. Not only that, it came with an extra lace too, just so you can match them up with the “inner sockets”. This also came with additional pair of insole equipped with the Air technology. (Even the one sold during the Olympics in 2008 didn’t come with the additional insole.) This has an extra pair, so you won’t need to remove them when you’re changing the inner sockets. How cool is that?

So yea. This was really a good buy. How often do you get such a complete package when you buy a pair of shoes? Usually what do you get? A box, an extra shoe lace (if you’re lucky), a brochure (if they are equipped with their latest innovation) or a pair of socks (if the shopkeeper is in a good mood). The Air Rejuven8 10AC was a perfect, complete package. I am a sucker when it comes to these little accessories, they get me all hyped up.

Okie anyway…

So yea, just so you know, I am not a Nike slsave. Not all my money and hard work goes to Nike products. And so you know I do support other brands like Puma, Reebok, Adidas, New Balance and not to forget Converse too..

New Balance 1500. I just took this out for a photo session. Trying out to shoot like erm as if it was for production or something.

Two flashes were used in this shot. One bounce from the hot shoe, and another for the background, fired from right.

Alright that’s all folks. Yes I am very boring. So if you stop following my blog, I really understand..

But hey, my holidays have just begun, so this may be a comeback for me.. Hmm we shall see alright?

Have fun people! And have a great time! Seeya!


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