Film Study..

Posted: 15 October, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Buds Meetups, Random Snapshots

Hie there. Just got back from my test. I have confidence in it. Confidence to fail I mean.. 😦

Last weekend was my first weekend spent in library. From Friday till Sunday, on average of 10-12 hours daily.. Zzz… I’m such a nerd, just that I’m not scoring like one.. Sigh…

While I was packing my notes to the library, I was thinking to bring my camera. It is such a shame that my dSLR is bigger than my ass, and it will not fit in my bag.. That’s when I decided to bring my dad’s old range finder camera. The Minolta Hi-Matic AF2M. Packed with a roll of film too. That’s in case if I’m bored. And yea I had a great time!

The Monash University library..

Books and books..

More books on the other shelves.

Construction site behind Monash.

Dinner @ KFC…

After dinner camwhore with the self timer. Damn I need better spontaneous poses..

And it’s back to study after dinner… 😦

  1. waiee says:

    These are the photos you took with ur dad’s film camera? Then you went to develop izit? Haha that last pic, beng acting cute. :p
    I like the 2nd pic. 🙂

  2. ea says:

    eh not bad la you ambik gambars. looks good, and i bet it was fun.

  3. kinz says:

    waiee: Yupp.. I send for it processing yesterday and collect it today afternoon. So happen my mom wanted me to develop some photos for her. Ohh you noticed beng acting cute? I thought it was too small.. Thanks.. 😀 I like the KFC pic the most actually..

    ea: thanks.. 😀 quite fun la.. think a lot before I shoot. Still got quite a lot chao tut. I wonder how my dad can take without any chao tut.. zzz…

  4. jan says:

    omg…since when do u study in monash?? hahaha! nice photos btw! 🙂

  5. lisatummy says:

    your second photo is very nais. i thought of saying something concerning your pose in the camwhore pic (as well as the position of your hands), but i’m too hungry.

    sedapnya kalau ada lasagna.

  6. kinz says:

    jan: since last weekend.. Hehehe.. Thanks…

    lisagna: thanks for the compliments and thanks for not saying something… -.- ishh.. tak habis habis dengan lasagna.. -.-

  7. smashpOp says:

    update can? 😀

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