Custom Facejacking Sleeping Sugarcanes..

Posted: 19 September, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

The above title represents 3 different things that happened today… Today, I had a class at 8am, came home at 9.30am. My lab only lasts for about 45 minutes. So yea, came home and stone and did some online shopping with the missus. Went out to get myself a pair of checked shorts for a good RM38, and run some errands at the bank and post office again. 45 minutes later, I was home.. Online again at the PC.

Went out for a quick lunch later with Jin at the  restaurant behind my house.. Picked Andrewfish from Curve and we then back to Jin’s house in Cheras (next to my uni) to collect something. Stuck in jam, this and that, here and there.. Got there in about an hours time.

Then we started our journey to KLIA.. Why? Apparently Jin spent a good US$200 on a pair of jeans. Yes US$200, which ends up to be around RM800.. The Customs refused to clear the item, as it was above RM500. Off we went, to KLIA, where the cargo and customs department is.

During the journey to KLIA…

Andrewfish literally slept like a fish…

So the journey was erm okay, quite long.. Roads out of town seems clear, but not in town. Got to the Customs, gave them some bullshit after they gave us some bullshit. And apparently honesty is the best policy. Without much haggling by telling the truth and wasting a little bit of time, Jin managed to get himself out of the Rm300 tax they wanted to charge.

Oh and the lady did give us a hint about bribing, but I guessed we were good kids pretending to not know we can actually bribe these morons. Oh well, it was quite a hassle anyway.. While we were out at the Customs… Andrewfish stayed in the car… Why?

He was still sleeping… Oh by the way.. Why facejacking you ask.. Because this fish hijacked my facebook, twitter, blog and literally all my other online socializing network. He’s one jackfish!

So yea.. What jeans worth US$200 you asked?

Sugarcane is what they call it.

Made by 50% sugar cane fiber apparently. So don’t be surprise if ants would go up those jeans and build their fortress in your crotch.

I don’t quite know how to appreciate them though.. I only took these pictures in the car while I was bored…

This is Jin paying toll by the way…

Got home a little late, around 8pm.. Rushed over to Curve to drop the fish back to his office, while I go collect my jeans (altered) from the tailor. Not knowing my mistakes over and over again, I went to help him at his office. As usual his “awhile” will soon end up a couple of hours at the store. Then had Teochew porridge for dinner.. And now I am really tired…

Gotto go.. I am updating my firmware for my Samsung i780.. Okie, till then peeps.. See ya!

  1. eman says:

    HAHAHAH @ Andrew! second shot is hilarious. and I wanna quote kinz on this:

    “kinmeng says: (00:01:46)
    like “awwwlook how sweeet he looks when he’s sleeping..”

  2. kinz says:

    Stop putting words in my text la…

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