Relieve and Relive..

Posted: 21 August, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Finally, my exams are over.. Hooray! Now I will be living like a normal college kid for a week. I mean I get to do things like what college kids do. Surf the net, play some sports, waste some time, linger and mingle around. Ahhhh. So yea.. I just finished my exams today.. I am so glad!

I am running out of things to blog. So here are some good food to share with ya’ll. Near my uni, there are lotsa good food! And yea I really mean good stuffs. For example Sun Ming Duck (google it if you don’t know what’s that..) They serve the best Char Siew (barbecued pork) in the world! If angels in heaven are gonna eat char siew, they have to be eating the ones from Sun Ming.. Trust me they are second to none! But they are quite pricey and cocky. Oh well, I don’t care if they have cocks in their face, all I want is their char siew with the extra sauce. MMmmhhhhmmmmm.. I am salivating already..  Oh damn I just figured I won’t be going uni for a week, that means no Char Siew.. Arrrgh! This shop, Sun Ming is a stone throw from my uni. Sorry, no pictures of char siew as I could not resist leaving them alone to pose for pictures. They are too good for pictures. I kid you not! Come to Cheras and I will bring you there. For those who uses MalSingMaps on their GPS, do a search for Sun Ming under POI..

Next up would be the second on top of my list. The Kou Low Yuk Fan (Sweet and Sour Pork Rice). This is situated just 10 metres away from my uni’s entrance. It is sometimes nearer than where I park my car. This place is called BIG TREE Steam Fish. As you can tell from their name, they specialize in Steam Fish. Their steam fish was awesome too! It is reasonably cheap! It is situated right under a huge tree. Oh well, it’s quite hard to describe, the location is weird. Oh well, about their sweet and sour pork.. Mmhhmm.. Did I tell you? My two all time favorite dishes are Char Siew & Kou Low Yuk.. So yea, about the Kou Low Yuk served here. It is crispy and ahhhh.. Never mind.. Look at this picture, it doesn’t look that great, but you MUST TRY!

Kou Low Yuk Fan..

Then the third on the list would be Jin Man fishball noodle. They are behind my uni, walking distance, but I usually drive. This place was introduced by Kwee Jin.. Simple fishball noodle.. They have very bouncy fishballs.. You can even play tennis with them! Yes tennis! Not table tennis! Okay that was a bit lame. The texture of the fishball is good I tell ya. Again, no pictures of them, because every other bowl of fishball noodle will look just the same! Oh I forget to mention, it is very reasonably priced too. At RM4.50 per big bowl. And the amount of pepper I usually put in.. Mmmmhhmmm!

A few weeks ago, my classmate brought me to a new place just across the highway to try the famous XO Fish Head Noodle. It was located in Taman Segar. Right outside Leisure Mall. Good stuff, something really different. Something I’ve not tried and I am liking the new taste! It is kinda sourish which is really nice as I am big tomato fan! Hahaha. Oh well, pictures are as below..

The XO Fish Head noodle.

There are many other good stuffs around there. Like the erm Dried Chili Pan mee, banana leaf Char Kway Teow, Bak Kut Teh (which is just so so) and a whole lot more. Taman Connaught is a neighborhood for the hungry peeps!  Anyway, those places I mentioned above, I even go there on my own sometimes. That’s how sad my uni life is. So yea a week of holiday for me is something. Really something. Wooo!

So any plans for my one week break? Do give me a buzz if you have plans or so!

Gonna go out for a drink soon.. Till then peeps! Ciao!


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