It is all over..

Posted: 10 August, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

Finally, I could kiss my EMI assignment goodbye.. Allow me to introduce you to one of my course, EMI which stands for Electronic Manufacturing Industry.. Basically what we have to do is to start a project from scratch, do research on the product, develop the product, model the product, ensure everything is up and running, market the product, package the product, make a brochure and a poster, present the product and finally attend for a sort ofย  “convention” with other fellow groups where we have to market and sell our product.. Right here, our lecturers and evaluators are our potential customer.. There is a lot to do I tell ya…

Anyway, I am really glad that this whole thing is finally over.. Before I tell you the process, let me show you some photos from the convention itself..

That’s our group and from left to right (on the table) is our project, a water volume controller, laptop with our demo video running on loop, the poster, brochures and some lucky draw to attract people over to our booth..

The booth, with the box of our product behind..

Up close of the poster and the brochure.. Faliq helped me alot with the design template..

The box, which I think it looks really proper..

On the other sides..

And of course the project itself.. Took a lot of effort to get this up and running.. Sighh..

So much that my team mate Ken was stressed and tired.. Not to mention that we all are equally as tired and stressed… However, I took this opportunity to camwhore, as I noticed the nice white backlitted translucent door..

Hence my Facebook profile picture.. Taken with remote control.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Again I am very glad that this project is over and I think we have done quite a decent job… So what we’ve been through during this project.. I’ve argued with my members and a lot of miscommunications did happen.. Oh by the way, I was the leader of the group and I am very sure I did not do a very good job.. Oh well, it is over anyway.. Hehehe.. Some result from this project was I’ve stayed in uni/uni area from 10am until 1am without having any proper meal.. Now tell me I am a hero..

Other than that, I have also eaten a regular Pizza all by myself for lunch.. We ordered 3 pizzas for each of us..

And on the other hand, I manage to witness the other side of my group mate..

Well I am sure the photo explains it all… Oh well he was just joking and he wasn’t serious of course…

But that is not all.. The project has completed, the semester is coming to an end, this tells that exams are around the corner.. My exams are on next week.. I better be putting in more effort and stop that procrastinating crap already.. I will be heading to the library to campout tomorrow later.. Oh please pray for me that it will be a productive day at the library..

Okie folks.. It is very late, I will not be having enough sleep if I were to head to the library early.. Good night people.. And stay tune for more..

  1. ye says:

    hahah u are a hero. ๐Ÿ™‚
    and woah ur box so cool wan, even got the barcode and the SIRIM thing with all the little pictures. hahah. like real liddet. :p

  2. st says:

    *body shivers* =p
    group leader u look so young compared to those uncles in your group… hahaha… no offence..

  3. kinz says:

    ye: hahaha.. yeaaa chun leh? Yea the sirim logo is compulsary.. but my friend added not only Sirim but SIRAM and SERAM.. -.-

    st: oh well.. who said young cannot lead? and what is wrong looking young? i bet you’re jealous!

  4. ye says:

    hahaha. so cute wan. i didn’t even know got SIRAM and SERAM. even got the wwf panda! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. kinz says:

    He was playing around… I hope my lecturer don’t realized it is SERAM and SIRAM…

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