Yesterday was quite a whack.. After uni, met eman in town and started our Casio hunting.. Oh this time we called Ziyan along but apparently he has to attend band meeting.. The phrase band meeting reminds me a lot of  Flight of the Conchords.. Brit? Present! Jermaine? Present.. and Murray.. Present.. I wonder if Ziyan’s band meeting is any different from theirs.. So yea.. Continue from Casio hunting.. So we basically ransacked every shop in Jalan Tun HS Lee and Kota Raya for some nice simple analogue Casio watches…

Nope.. None of these were purchased yesterday.. These were my current watches before yesterday.. Never had a time to post them.. And I thought since I will be talking mainly about Casio in this post, I might as well just post it up here now.. 😀

*added* Just watched Back to the future again and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) was wearing the same calculator watch.. The Casio CA-53w.. Wowowowo!

So yea.. To the usual spots.. However I was very sad at one point when I found out that the mall which my favourite shop is situated is undergoing some renovations.. The whole mall was closed.. Later that day I found out that there’s a number and a banner saying that they’ve moved somewhere.. Hence I brought out my phone, give the lady boss a buzz and instantly she spotted me from across the road.. She guided me to her shop.. And instead of me getting a watch from there.. Eman got his.. Hahaha..

We got about 6 watches from about 4 different stores.. Hahahha.. Random I tell ya.. And pure impulse!

My newly acquainted! The white face this time.. I was contemplating the black or white when I got the black.. Never I could have thought I’ll be having both.. Hahhaha…

Something stupid happened to eman.. He was twitpic-ing all the watches in the car, when one (his favorite) dropped on his stomac, under the seat belt.. He spent a long long time to figure it’s on him.. He was damn upset  I tell ya.. Hahaha..

Eman: (adjust time on his new watch) What time is it?
Kinmeng: Time to buy another Casio!
Eman: FUCK YOU!!!!!

And now this wan-ker is putting the blame on me.. What a diq..

The one on the left is for Ziyan though.. Come collect it from me soon oye!

What we have now.. Heheheh… 😀 I really have to stop.. This is addictive!

That’s enough for now.. Really!

Guess what? Photos above were very very lightly photoshopped, only resized and tagged. I need to practice more off shoe flash.. They are awesome.. The contrast.. Mmmmhhhmm…

At night, it was time for booze and McD’s and some friends in the garden.. Time well spent guys!

Alright.. Gotto go and watch Entourage now and head to bed.. Till then peeps! G’nite and have a great time.

  1. smashpOp says:

    both white n black face also nice!

  2. kinz says:

    smashpop: yeaaa I think so too.. 😀 Thanks!

    ye: Why??!?!?!

  3. ewin says:

    wah. shoes camera watch. u spent a lot! lol

  4. ye says:

    eh. yahor why ar. hahaha! i forgot why i said that. hahah. :p

  5. Emily T says:

    Get a gold one to complete the collection!! Bling it up!

  6. kinz says:

    ewin: nola… these watches are very cheap only nia… all the watch plus together is still cheaper than one shoe/camera/lens or whatever…

    ye: now that’s gay!

    emily: EXACTLY!!!! I thought of having a gold data bank for the final one! Last piece and then STOP! But gold.. Deyy.. Damn hard to pull off la.. It’ll just be kept at home.. So yea.. Still thinking if I should take the plunge.

  7. ye says:

    gold is gay. -.-
    for guys. Em pulls it off well. hehe!

  8. kinz says:

    Old is gold.. And gold is old… I am feeling abit old.. Oh well.. Maybe I won’t get the gold.. On second thought, I am not that old.. Or at least not yet..

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