Thanks for being ungrateful!

Posted: 29 July, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Nope I’m not saying about anyone I know.. I picked up a phone over the weekend, called one of her friend to tell that I found her friend’s phone.. I was told to send it over to the owner at a certain place.. What the hell right? Oh well.. It is mine now.. And I just bought a new case for it as it was terribly screwed up!

Anyway.. I had dinner over the weekend at erm Tasty Pot.. Some steamboat restaurant in just another steamboat paradise just like Kepong which already existed for years.. It was just a dinner to hang around and then later on to Karl’s new house at Puchong which is a gazillion kilometers away from town. (Sarcasm) Oh well.. Lets allow the pictures to do the talking..

The food raw food..

Some raw shell food..

Chicken wings which you have to fight very hard for it..

Some cute fishpastes or something.

At Karl’s room which was sort of a whole floor by itself.. Pretty awesome..Noticed the towels on the window? There are no curtain rods yet.. Hahhaa.. Looks like a refugee camp.

Sook, Zi and I.. At this sort study cum play room..

Zi is alienified..

G10 and I.. I really wish to have one of these…

What time is it? Oh it was time for sookteng to go home.. But of course as usual we will drag and buy time and finally went home at 2 something in the middle of a car race along the highway traveling at the top speed of 130kph or maybe more.. I was seated at the backseat of the most dangerous driver in Ss2. I shall not reveal his name or else I won’t be having any more thrilling car rides..

That’s all folks.. I am glad that my assignment is done.. One more presentation to go and we’re done done done.. I just came back from KL, specifically Jalan Tun H.S. Lee. Why did I go there? Hmmm.. Stay tune to my next blog post! Cheers and see ya!

  1. anonymous says:

    The most dangerous driver : wtf… dam safe ok!

  2. ewin says:

    nice header!
    and stupid owner! haha

  3. smashpOp says:

    i see ziyan! 😀

  4. ye says:

    hahah. cool header! why did u break it into two instead of making one big one?

  5. kinz says:

    anonymous: hahahaha… okokok damn safe..

    ewin: ahhaha.. thanks! yea stupid owner but i should thank him/her..

    smashpop: yupp.. ziyan is everywhere!

    ye: thanks! and no i didn break it.. but the stupid blog template has a cut on the header.. it is one whole thing but there’s a split in the middle.. don’t know why.. sighh.. but anyway.. i think its okay la..

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