Unfinished Business..

Posted: 24 July, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots

A shitty weekend is ahead! Seriously, it is gonna be a hell weekend for me… I feel like killing myself right now.. If I would choose when to die, it definitely be today! Or at least before tomorrow starts!

What makes my life hell?

Oh here’s a few reasons..


That’s my current project.. Nope that’s not the whole of it.. It is the main component, but yea.. I have a lot to do base on this junk.. Sigh.. And tomorrow, yes SATURDAY, I have to go back to uni to finish this crap! Sigh…

Life is such a mess.. Just like when there’s a beautiful sunset for you watch, you’ll have a great traffic jam to obstruct your way home..

Oh well, there’s another sunset tomorrow, and I hope I wouldn’t be at the road again..

I never leave home without a pair of trusty ol’ Converse.. They are always in my car..  Converse are great.. Simple and clean oh well, not that clean now..

And my life is just as bitter than these whatever greeny juice my mum made.. I swear it is by far the worst juice ever! Some of the top 3 ingredients, little bittergourds, celery, capsicum.. Ewww.. Well imagine it yourself!

Oh well.. Time to go sleep or barsonic, depending on eman’s capabilities to convince me.. Or maybe he’s not even gonna try.. Then I think I am going off to bed.. Till then peeps! Sorry for such a whiney post.. FML!!!!!

  1. ye says:

    Do your best for your project and all k! It’ll be over soon. 🙂
    And lol my mum gave me that juice before but I blehhh-ed so badly that she got the message. Even SHE doesn’t drink it now! :p

  2. ea says:

    Whiny bitch. Hahahaha.

    I give you back your stuff later.

  3. kinz says:

    ye: Sighh..Thanks.. Anyway I’m at karl’s house now chilling out with them.. Having quite some fun I guess… Well at least not too bad.. Quite cool.. Yea weihh that drink is horrible, I just discover a worse drink.. Baileys.. And by the way.. michi just said that she will only bully me when you’re around.. WTF rite? Sighh…

    ea: I’m always a whiny bitch.. You should be the STCO for me.. And I am gonna whine like a bigger bitch if you telan my Casio!

  4. mtsl says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wai Ee already knows that. No point complaining to her. In fact Sook Teng and I told it to her personally. But then again, maybe we won’t stop bullying you. It’ll just be lesser as when Wai Ee is with you. =D

  5. smashpOp says:

    omg i can imagine the taste of the juice… hmm i don consider it as juice judging from how it tastes…

  6. ye says:

    eeyer so bad michi (and st), u nvr see me bullying beng or sl rite.. blekk :p

  7. mtsl says:

    hmm…cuz u can’t? u know u’ll end up getting bullied instead. Beng n i are big bullies especially when you’re alone in the car with us remember…st n sl don’t have to say la..u know how they are. haha..so yea.. =P

  8. st says:

    Ahem.. mtsl, I don’t simply bully ppl k… blerh… i only “jat” him when he says something weird/wrong =p

  9. mtsl says:

    same here wat…u dun see me bullying him out of the blue..it’s usually after he says something then only i also “jat” hiim ma.. hehe

  10. kinz says:

    smashpop: yeaman.. damn yerrr…

    ye: yealar they always bully me.. doesn matter if you’re back or not..

    mtsl: whatt!? every time i open my mouth only, you’ll surely have something against me.. So scary.. That’s why i chose to sit on the opposite side of the table.. hahahha…

    st: yea.. “jat” is just as bad.. and btw.. where is my second bday present? you promised me today!

  11. ye says:

    hahah. gayy. u’re all big bullies. esp michi, the dailo. hahah. poor kinz.

  12. mtsl says:

    not everything you say also i’ll have something against you la…don’t simply say ok..it’s most of the time so happens if i hear anything from you then only i say something k! N sitting opposite me ain’t gonna help. I can still hear you loud and clear. =P
    K la k la..i won’t bully you for 1 day k!

  13. st says:

    Kinz: see who’s bullying me now… askin me for a second birthday present… so greedy!!!!

    Mtsl: haha.. u wont bully him for one day cuz u wont see him =p

  14. kinz says:

    ye: yea u’re right! 😦

    mtsl: blek! one day?! geeeshh.. thanks…

    st: ehh. you ownself wish me happy birthday on a random day.. ofcoz i need to ask for bday present la. isn’t it normal.. if i wish you happy bday also i will buy you somehting marr.. no?

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