Glide or Run?

Posted: 16 July, 2009 by kinz in Sneakers
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Just when you thought the weather these days are bad! Two days ago, Monday, the Monday blues came with haze in it’s package. How great huh? Definitely spoilt most of your day, oh well it’s Monday anyway.. Clear blue skies on Monday wouldn’t have made anything better..

Little I did know that haze goes off after office hours too..

Clear blue skies and sunset! Love them!

So in what other ways can I enjoy these nice blue skies?

I broke fresh into my new running shoes!

The Lunar Glides peopple.. 😀 Looks good?

So it’s time for the truth. Them Lunar Glides are great.. The sole is still as soft and nice.. This time it is much more firm if you were to compare it with it’s predecessor, the Lunar Trainers. Much slimmer as well, not too broad unlike the Lunar Trainers..  However, the one and only down side is abou the weight.. Yea I know, it is really light for most people.. Probably I am spoilt by the feather weight of the Lunar Trainers, I feel these are a bit heavy.. The Lunar Trainers (Not Racers..) are a lot lighter than these..  Oh well.. All in all they are still improvements.. Oh, not to forget nicer paddings too.. And my feet can actually breathe in these! Have not run for a long distance with these yet, but it seems fine.. The feet are still nice and not “overheated” after a run.. Unlike the Trainers, my feet gets heated up like steam iron after awhile.. Great job done by the researchers at Nike org. However, please reduce the weight on these! Seriously.. I am so spoilt by extreme light weight runners. Oh to end this, these Lunar Glides are definitely not something you’d wanna use for a race.. Or maybe I’ll have something else to say after I go further.

Anyway, the following day I have beat my personal best timing for the mile.. 3km, 13 minutes and 59 seconds.. I was greeted by Lance Armstrong again..

*yawns* Time to go to bed again.. I’ve been sleeping really early these days.. From as early as 10pm.. Oh well.. I’ve gotto change my lifestyle and sleep early and wake up late.. Just to ensure that I get enough rest…

By the way.. A high school friend of mine has been kidnapped and carjacked on 14th July 2009. Spread the words by joining the Facebook group here.. All we can do is just to pray hard for him…

That’s all folks.. Goodnight!

  1. JET says:

    A question prompt from my mind right after I read “my new running shoes!”
    i’m wonder… how many shoes u have????

  2. kinz says:

    Hmmmm.. I really don’t know.. Hahahah.. 😀

  3. ye says:

    I know! :p
    And he’s been found already. 🙂
    Yes you should sleep early, but wake up early, not late!

  4. kinz says:

    Yupp… Yeaa.. I am not sleeping yet.. And class is at 8am tomorrow.. Uggh.. Sigh… Geesh… Damn!

  5. silas says:

    nice man, the lunarglides+. got it at retail?

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