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Posted: 10 July, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots, Sneakers
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Press my toes peeps! No, just kidding.. Nike Prestos.. My all time favourite.. I remember craving for it when I was in form 2.. It was priced at Rm399.. Couldn’t afford it.. Then a year later, when i was in Form 3.. I got myself a pair.. Managed to salvage a pair right down town in KL Plaza, where the biggest Nike Flagship store in South East Asia then was situated. Hytex Studio was it’s name!

Popped my first pair of Prestos on the day when I collected my PMR results.. (Yes end of the year..) I will always remember that shoe.. It was one of the most significant shoe in my high school days!

These are my first Prestos.. I love them! Noticed the ripped off cage… They are the 1 of the two pairs of shoes which are ripped and I am not discarding them.. I just love them even if they are ripped! They were my first running shoes too!

This the inside of the Presto box! I still remember the day I got them.. I read about the technology over and over again! Hahaha.. Heyy I was still a kid and I was excited about my newly acquainted sneakers! (and I do not buy sneakers often.. Once a year perhaps.. Unlike now..  :D)

Then the following year, when I was in form 5 if I wasn’t wrong.. I was more into sneakers.. I saw these Presto Foot Tents on the discount bin! Without hesitation! I grabbed them! And immediately I hugged them close to me! I remember that moment.. It was me, FungKeng and Terence.. 3 of us.. Only two pairs.. I was holding tight and I never will give them up!

Here they are! The Presto foot tents! They were my all rounder beaters for quite a good 3 years and they are still perfectly fine! I still wear them! And oh.. My first race.. In 2005, KL Power Run.. I completed 7km (ranking top 100 in my category) with these Presto Tents! I’m proud of them! And they are still alive! HOW GREAT!!!

And now… They retro-ed the Prestos! What more can I say?

And he’s the third in the family! The youngest, the freshest, the sleekest among all.. In mono tone! It still feels the same as they do! And oh for your info.. They come in weird sizes.. Why? Because they are not numbered sizes, but in S,M,L.. No worries, they have as small as XS and TRIPLE XL! Hahahah.. Damn those beasts!

Long live Prestos! My all time favourite.. And they were the ones that got me into sneakers.. I wasn’t introduced to the Air Max range when I was at that age.. The Air Max were much older and I had no clue bout them till lately.. So yea, I wasn’t a sneakerhead but I was just a lil bit more particular in shoes.. Now.. Hmmm.. I’m just a tiny sneakerhead in the sneakerworld.. Yea, you can count.. If Prestos got me started and I had mine in 2003, you should know how long I am into this game.. It is only for about 6 years.. So honeslty, I am just a teeny weeny sneakerhead wannabe…

Oh well.. I got my Prestos and I am happy with it! NIKE!! Please retro more of these!

Till then folks! And oh yea.. These was what I wanted to say in my earlier post.

Oh before I leave.. Here is two clearer photos before I leave…

  1. ea says:

    I guess this is one thing that I wont wear in XS hahahah

  2. rina says:

    Nice shoes you got there! Time to remind myself to start saving and get them too 😛 Do they come in Females? That was last time, not sure about this time though. You know, if I am not mistaken you were the first person I saw back in high school started wearing these, really.

  3. kinz says:

    ea: hahaha.. you probably need M for these.. Ehh seluar also XS meh!?

    rina: Thanks! Yea they are awesome! If I am not wrong, they are unisex now.. Or at least they should be… Last time they separate the Mens and the Womens due to the colors and sizing.. Not sure bout now.. I was? Hmm.. Everyone was wearing these back then!

  4. ea says:

    Drew said S. Hrmmmm. Can I resist temptationnnnn?

  5. kinz says:

    smashpop: don’t blame me again!

    ea: whyy!? Wanna meet up tonight?

  6. AverageJoe says:

    huh ada sz xs? i went over to mid valley to get 1 of those for myself.. the sales lady say tak ada xs wan.. some more sz s sold out.. Damn.. gotta go other outlet then.. BTW dope shoot.. memories huh!

  7. kinz says:

    averagejoe: I think so.. I believe these are unisex and the women’s sizing definitely has up to XS or maybe even up to XXS or at least the one back in the days to come in XS and XXS.. Oh you better get yours quick! They’re getting off the shelves in a snap! Yeaaa memories! Thanks!

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