Electric Blue Sky!

Posted: 18 June, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots, Sneakers
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Ever wish the skies are ever blue? I am not sure about you but the weather does affect my mood. I feel happier when I see clear blue skies, although it is hot and sunny, it feels good still..

Nothing beats breaking fresh into a 5 years old sneaker on a nice sunny day..

Oh well anyway.. Tuesday was just another boring day.. After uni went to Curve to ship some stuff, had McD’s for lunch and took some random photos around here and there with eman..

His house.. I bet the house looked better with blue skies in the background..
We went back to his place after Curve just so that he can grab his camera out.

We ran out of places to go.. Went over to Taman Aman park.. As random as can be.. When we reach there, we noticed there isn’t much that we can shoot.. Other than green puddle of water, electric towers, birds which we followed from tree to tree which then flew off even before we could get a nice photo of it..

And finally I shot an electric tower with an ultra wide angle lens.. I always wanted to snap a photo of the electric tower.. For no apparent reasons, it was like something I must shoot when I get my wide angle lens..

And so I shot it… I find the orange tint a lil weird.. What do you think?

And this is how it looked like from right below…

That’s all for now…

By the way.. Any runners interested to run or train with me? I really need someone to run with me.. It is always more motivational to run in groups (or at least in pair) than to run alone…

Anyway I am going to run at Kiara hills in a moment.. See ya people! Cheers and a have a nice day!

Friday is tomorrow! WOWOWO! The weekend is near!

  1. Emily T says:

    The last picture of the electric tower is stunning!!

    Seriously who would think of shooting it from the bottom. Great angle!! the electric tower suddenly looks like a architectural masterpiece! Haha.

  2. ye says:

    I like the orange tint. Why is it weird? *-)
    And er I’d volunteer to run with you, but knowing my running skills, I think I’d be more de-motivating instead. Hahah. πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait for Friday too! Whee! πŸ™‚

  3. kinz says:

    Firstly.. Aren’t you both supposed to be studying? Hmmmmm..

    em: thanks… hahaha.. when you have a camera, you’ll find whatever angle possible to get a shot.. So faster get your G10.. Or have you gotten yours yet?

    ye: thanks!! I think the orange tint is like erm not dark enough.. Like abit too light, but I didn’t want to overdo it on Photoshop. I just got back from a very short run.. 😦 Not even a quarter of 21km.. ZOMG… I am so scared.. 😦 Sleep early and wake up later, and Friday will come faster.. Hahahha..

  4. ea says:

    It’s Friday, you’re in loveeee ❀

  5. smashpOp says:

    i like last foto.:D

  6. chocolateangel says:

    hey kinz, i really like both pics! the orange one is like so wistful but than the pic from the bottom of the tower is so contrastingly sharp and refreshing! =)

  7. kinz says:

    ea: It’s SATURDAY!! EDISON CHEN!!!!!!!

    smashpop: thanks!

    chocolateangle: heyy girl!!! i thought you hilang ke mana already!!! thanks! refreshing!? hmmmmm… are you coming back soon?

  8. ea says:

    omg kinz just went “heyyy girllll”. giler bimbo wehhh. hahahaha. We were just talking about you tau oh miss chocolateangel

  9. kinz says:

    ea: hahaha.. I knew you’d say that… Hahhahaha.. Purposely wan… ;P

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