In search for cheap watches..

Posted: 12 June, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Random Snapshots
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Last Tuesday, we (eman, Jin & I) headed down town (Petaling Street area) to search for cheap Casio watches. While we roam the streets of KL, we lugged our heavy cameras along to do some street photography and waste some shutter counts.. It has been a very long while since we’ve done photography outing..

Anyway.. While waiting for eman to reach KL, Jin and I headed over to Madras lane for their famous Curry Laksa. *drools* (feeling hungry now..)

Mmmmhhhhmm.. *slrrpp*



Me (animated gif thanks to eman’s continous shot.. be patient, it may take some time to load..)

Eman got his Casio while I didn’t manage to find a nice Data Bank yet.. Still uncertain whether to go with the metal links or PVC strap ones..


Walked from one street to another and we somehow got here..

Edge at center..

And I particularly like this photo..

After awhile, the weather didn’t looked too good, we went back to Pasar Seni, had a nice cool drink while looking thru the photos, and then we head over to KLCC. Jin wanted to get some PS3 game.

Hung out at KLCC for quite awhile and then chill out by the stair case where people smoke and take some photos.. That’s when dusk was about to hit, the color of the sky was amazing. We then decided to get to the other side to take some nice photos of the Twin Towers.

And now I finally know when is the best time to snap such photos..

Shot with eman’s 24-70 f/2.8L.. Razor sharp aye!

Later that night we went home at about 9pm.. Exhausted.. Oh well, it was fun.. I will probably post another set of photos in the next post from the same photo outing…

Goodnight! and HOORAYY!! It is Friday!

Friday I’m in love!

  1. ye says:

    omg that curry laksa looks so good. -.-
    and heyy! in the animated pic, did ur finger press the camera button to shoot a pic? coz it looks like u did. :p

  2. JET says:

    I like the KLCC photo too. It’s sharp, and the lighting is great.

  3. kinz says:

    ye : ohyea i did! Hahahah.. thanks for pointing it out.. hehehe.. the curry laksa not only looked good.. it tastes good too!

    jet: hehehe.. thanks.. yupp the power of L..

  4. ye says:

    wat, u mean u didn’t noe? -.-”
    and gee. thanks. i feel so much better that i’m still stuck here, with exams, and without good curry laksa. -.-

  5. jan says:

    i like ur animation pic but afterwhile i get dizzy looking at it.. hahaha!

  6. kinz says:

    ye: oops i forgot to reply this comment.. 😀
    I feel like eating more asam laksa after eating abit of asam laksa just now.. But I am too full for more.

    jan: thanks! it does make ppl dizzy meh? hmmm..

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