Gear hunts and more…

Posted: 10 June, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Sometime last week before I got my Sigma24-70 as mentioned in the previous post, I hung out with ewin around KL area.. I picked him up from Berjaya Times Square after my uni. Where were we heading to? Of course to Pudu Plaza, where a few reknown camera shops were situated..

Pudu Plaza… It has been years since it’s glory days..

Couldn’t decide which to post.. So yea.. Two photos of Pudu Plaza..

Ewin said there are some good food in Pudu.. Somewhere in the alley with lotsa stalls by the street.. I chose to believe him and walked around Pudu for probably 30-45 minutes.. Just to find that the stall opens at 6pm for night… -__- Great huh!?

Ended up back into Pudu Plaza to eat at the food court.. Claypot Chicken Rice that is.. Old uncles from tables around us were giving us weird glares as we were snapping photos of our food.. Hahaha..

Later that day.. We headed over to Kiara Park (after a long time.. When was the last time eh eman?) for a short photosession.

What we managed to catch? (in photos of course..)

Some weird jelly-ish worm on a leaf.. Looks quite cool upclose..

Later, I spotted something which took a giant leap off the grass.. What was it?

A frog! Damn this was the closest I’ve gotten to a frog.. Trust me.. It was facing the same direction as I did.. So go figure out how I shot this.. With a 50mm prime… -___- I was scared shitless that it would have leap onto my camera or so..


Oh well.. That’s all folks… Stay tune for further updates.. It has been a long and tiring day today at Uni, then Petaling Street and then to KLCC with eman and kwee jin.. So stay tune as I blog about “adventure” today.. Hahaha.. Till then.. Ciao!

  1. st says:

    hiaz… so fun… go here go there…
    Not like me… everyday camp in uni… sienz… 😦

  2. Yong Hua says:

    distort kao kao man ur pics! LOL

  3. kinz says:

    st: i got alot of work also you don’t know la.. sighh.. your holidays are coming.. i have no holidays to look forward to.. 😦

    yonghua: got meh? ahhah dunno…

  4. smashpOp says:

    ahahha if saturation + 10 = nice

  5. kinzStreet says:

    hey man, u so handsome, very streetstyle, like edison chen.

    ur admirer

  6. kinz says:

    smashpop: woah! like that also you know.. hehehe.. thanks..

    kinzstreet: -_____- okayyyyyyyyy…

  7. mtsl says:

    first, that jelly-ish worm on the leaf is called a caterpillar and second that is not a’s a toad =P

  8. kinz says:

    mtsl: ohh okayyy… thanks… :S

    ea: STFU!

  9. kinz says:

    mtsl: ohh okayyy… thanks for correcting me… :S I feel like a kindergarten kid now.. (except being humiliated)

    ea: STFU!

  10. ye says:

    aww, if it makes u feel better, i didn’t realise it was a toad too until mtsl pointed it out. :p

  11. mtsl says:

    i’m sorry..i didn’t mean to humiliate u..i just couldn’t help know me.. =P

  12. kinz says:

    ye: hahahaha okayy.. it does make me feel abit better.. Hehehe..

    mtsl: i was wondering how do you even differentiate the difference between a toad and a frog.. and i went to google for it.. and i got it.. and yea I felt even more humiliating when I saw the name of the webpage..

  13. ea says:

    ^HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! Made my day and night 😀

  14. ye says:

    LOL! small kid. hehe. 😉

  15. kinz says:

    ea: -____-”

    ye: yea weihh.. kiddy house.. w00t… -___-

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