Another 21..

Posted: 29 May, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Nope it is not another black jack.. Sook Teng just turned 21 last week.. I am sorry for the lack of updates here as I am really busy with school work and school work..

Before updating on Sook Teng’s 21st Birthday Celebration last Saturday, I would like to update a little on myself..


Bye bye zoom zoom..

And on the other hand.. I am starting to rotate my sneakers again! Woohoo! That’s my outfit to college today.. Loving those windrunners and Court Force Leons.. However the shoes are getting thrashed up.. 😦

So  yea.. Sook Teng’s 21st birthday celebration isn’t much different from mine.. What’s different is of course the host and ample time for me to eat and chill out with some friends while popping a few cans of Heineikens.. Ohyea.. She serve Heineys instead of Carlsberg.. That’s a plus!

So being the official photographer that night.. I took lotsa crap photos and it did not turn out well.. Seriously.. Now I do not know what to tell her… 😦

So here are the group photos which I think are slightly presentable..

Many familiar faces from Sea Park school huh..

And even more familiar faces.. With some not so familiar faces of course..

These two couples wore the exact opposite of one another.. I don’t know if it was by coincident or not.. All I know is that both couples made me feel left out and under dress..

And some detailed photos of some funny distorted faces from the party are as follow..

At the end of the day.. The party was fun as we met lots and lots of friends from high school which we almost forgotten they exist.. Hahaha.. Oh and guess how my old friends acknowledged me?

Here’s an example..

Old Friend A : Heyy Kin Meng….
Me: Ehhh hi… How are you?
Old Friend A: Wow nice camera… How much ar?

-__-” My camera gets more attention that I do…

Another example..

Old Friend B: Yoooo…
Me: Yooo what’s up man? It’s been awhile aye..
Old Friend B: What is that white thing on your camera ar?

Again people seems to be interested in the camera more than I do..

And another one..

Old Friend C: Ehh hi Kin Meng.. Nice camera.. Can see ar?
*My thoughts* : Ehhh I haven’t even replied hi..

Moral of the story, it can be good and bad if you have something like that with you while sociliazing..
Pros: You’ll get attention..
Cons: You don’t get the attention but your camera does..

Back home from the party.. I barely sleep for 4 hours.. Know why? Stay tune…

  1. z says:

    wah i lyk ur camera make my arms look unnaturally big. haha
    hey can send me pics of me? the one with ma frens. tenkiu =]

  2. ye says:

    lol u don’t have to tell her, when she reads ur blog she’ll find out. 😉

    and ur new lens makes all the pics look so rounddd.

  3. st says:

    ya wei… luckily i’m in between ppl if not i’ll kill u… hahaha…
    but seriously thanks for taking the pictures…
    oh ya.. i want all the pictures on my burfday whether i’m in anot…
    Mum chasing me for pictures edi T.T

  4. kinz says:

    z: hahaha.. chun lehh? i told you right… yea yea I will send it to you once I am done with all the pictures..

    ye: hehe.. i guess she just read.. so what do you think of people looking round? i think i made my own face long instead of round..

    st: hahaha.. what? you mean looking fat? aiyohh birthday girl is always in the middle wan marr.. ofcoz i won’t make you look fat… don’t thank me yet.. thank me after seeing the pictures.. hahaha… really all meh? cacat ones I delete wan worrr.. hahahha.. tell your mom to be patient la.. I very busy.. More like I am very lazy..

  5. ye says:

    errr the people looking round looks weird. -.-
    sorry, i know u love ur new baby. :p

  6. st says:

    Don;t u dare delete… emo u…
    haha… ok i’ll tell her to man man tang cuz kinz is lazy…

  7. Yong Hua says:

    what is the white thing on ur camera?

  8. smashpOp says:

    fkn long face ahahhhahh

  9. kinz says:

    ye: hahaha.. ofcoz I do… 😀

    st: Errr but some photos really cannot make it…

    yonghua: erm.. my Lambency lorr..

    smashpOp: hahaha.. damn i still haven uploaded the photoshoot the other day.. Ugghh..

  10. st says:

    just give me la… i’ll decide its fate.. hehe

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