My new baby!

Posted: 19 May, 2009 by kinz in Gadget Related, Random Snapshots

Yup yup yup! I just got it!

Nope that’s not my new baby, but I was using my new Ultra Wide Angle lens to snap this. By the way, isn’t she cute?

NO PICTURES OR I’LL CHOKE YOU! Don’t mess with her.. She’ll choke you!

So yea.. I finally got my new lens.. The Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 that is..

Till then.. Cheerios!

p/s. I love my gears and so for my dear..

Looking forward for another lens! ARrrgh!!! I will never be satisfied!!

  1. ye says:

    u just got a lens, u aredi started thinking of another one?? -.-“

  2. ea says:

    ye, it never stops. dangerous tau.

  3. kinz says:

    ye: i was thinking of the other lens even before i got this.. hahaha… sighh.. how ungrateful i am..

    ea: yeaa.. thanks to you man! ahhaa.. why did you get me into this.. 😦

  4. ye says:

    hahaha. dangerous is right. u! (kinz) stop thinking of lens and save up for other things! :p

  5. smashpOp says:

    wah wah wah really 1020 worrrrrrrrr 😀 congrats!!!

  6. st says:

    It’s urs say it;s urs ler…. Don;t use ur lens as cover up

  7. kinz says:

    ye: yes yes yes.. what other things by the way? hehehe..

    smashpOp: yup yup! 10-20.. thanks to you.. or else i stick to the 12-24 already..

    sook: mine?! hahaha.. i wish la… 😀 wait la.. coming soon coming soon.. hahahhah… yearite..

  8. ea says:

    damn, baby coming soon eh? I have to be back for this. Hahahaha.

  9. ye says:

    if it’s coming soon, who’s the mummy… *-)

  10. kinz says:

    ea: ahhaha.. you’ll be back for whatever la rite.. ahhaha.. you’re coming back anyway…. and ehh.. i want souvenir this time.. since i got my UWA already.. no need UWA for souvernir.. how bout Air Max 95? 😀

    ye: depends.. depending what’s coming soon.. if it’s a real baby, then i really don’t know who’s the mummy.. Hahaha.. but if its another lens… then i think my camera is the mummy.. hahahha.. crap.. -.-

  11. ea says:

    Wah nabeh tak malu sial you, mintak am95. Takpe takpe, we go Petaling street, sure banyak choices. I’ll even be generous, you can have two. Hahahaha

  12. kinz says:

    Poookeee… Why la like that? When you come back I buy you casio… 😀 Bring me some Air Max 95 neons back laa.. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

  13. ea says:

    600 bux beb. i tgh tunggu diskaun. hahaha

  14. kinz says:

    Ehh do buzz me if ada discount.. Hahhhaha.. Seriously!

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