What an ass you are?

Posted: 16 May, 2009 by kinz in Random Snapshots

Last Thursday, after uni.. I saw this on my left window..

Some faggot spitted on my window… What an ass..

Being the lazy me, I decided to hit the car wash near my uni.. They started chargin RM3 per wash couple of weeks back, before that they had 3 weeks trial period for free.. And I went there twice to get my car washed…

Wheeee.. Soaped up! It was a semi automatic wash by the way..

Damn I was really reluctant to post these pictures up.. Because I was surfing about lenses review and I saw so many beautiful pictures.. Now I feel that my pictures are as horrible as it can be.. Damn..

Rinse and then dry..

The car wash was really quick.. Got it spanking clean in minutes.. Then I opted to go for a vacumming services as well.. I was too lazy to get my dusty vacuum cleaner in my house, which is definitely not half as powerful as the one they used at the car wash.. And DAMN!!!!! It was freaking awesome.. They’ve managed to vacuum all the weird and hard to reach corners and really that Rm4 for vacuuming is good enough for me.. They even washed my mats.. 😀

I am so happy my car is clean again.. Wheeeeeee… 😀

I am so disappointed looking at such awful pictures I took lately.. I promise, the next post or whatever’s up next, it wont be the same! Till then… See ya!

  1. ye says:

    oh u were in the car when it was being washed? haha rm7 can make u so happy. next time when u’re :s just go get ur car washed. :p

  2. lisalollipop says:

    EEE YUCK. people really should aim before they spit.

    no, scratch that. people shouldn’t spit in public in the first place.

    ugh gross.

  3. kinz says:

    ye: yea maybe we can go for a car wash together.. Hehehe.. quite fun!

    lisalolipop: people should spit in the drain.. At least that’s what I think a drain is built for.. Yup.. It was gross.. It was sort of dried, and the bubbles were like stains already.. Quite yucky..

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