I love presents.. Do you?

Posted: 13 May, 2009 by kinz in At Random

As most of you already know, my birthday just passed. So yea, here’s a post to show off shout out to the people who give me these wonderful presents and so on.. (Please note that I did not post up everything as some are a bit too big to be taken photo.. Moreover these photos were taken 15 minutes ago, which means 4.30am.. So yea I would like to apologize that some of the presents are not posted here..) Oh great, my internet connection just failed on me.. I hope I can reconnect to post this up..

Oh yay! I am back online.. Stupid TM..

So yea.. Below are some of the items I received.

Lots and lots of red packets… From manypeople.. Thanks all!

But I particularly like this one.. It says To Lim (Junior).. Hahaha.. How cute.. This was given by my parent’s friend..

Cards.. From Kok Wai, and Choy Wan, Laura & Lai Sze and from my dearest sister. Anyway, the other two cards are from my sister’s friends. Hahaha. Weird, I think cards belongs to their era.. Oh I am just kidding.. 😀 Those cards were to accompany the presents of course..

From Left to Right.. LensPen from Patrick, Running Water Bottle with hand strap from Smashpop & Ewin, Nike Golfing Cap from Choy Wan, Lai Sze and Laura, and the Sigg bottle from Sook Teng, Sueh Lung, Zhen Quan, Karl Son, Andrew, Michelle & Thiam Beng.. Hope I didn miss out anyone.. Thanks guys!

This drinking thingy from my cousin, Pui Mun.. Which was quite cool.. We tried immediately right after the party.. The other end  looks like a Petrol Nozzle. I guess I must have gave my cousin an impression of an alcoholic.

Not to be forgotten, there I received a backpack, two t-shirts from my sister’s friends, and soft toy from Vincent and Pui Ling and I think that’s all..

Every yea.. I will get something for myself.. Last 3-4 years it was all shoes.. From Prestos to Air Force 1’s to an all transparent Converse.. This year I got myself a Lambency flash diffuser and a battery grip.. But that’s not all.. I am thinking of getting something else soon.. Can you guess what’s up next? Hahahah.. I will be going to check it out later..

OUH DAMN!!!!!!!!!! It is 5 am already.. I have classes at 11am later.. Got to go to bed right now.. See ya later aligator! In a while crocodile!

  1. Ewin says:

    bro, nice presents!
    missed the fun =(

  2. ZhenQuan says:

    Dun tell me u really getting wide-angle lens ah?!

  3. ewin says:

    yala of course he is getting it larrrr.. wide angle worr. haha

  4. kinz says:

    Ewin: thanksss… nola you didn’t miss much.. Hehehe..

    zhen: yupp.. and maybe something else.. 😀

    ewin: yealorrr… just now i went.. 😦 and then the fella who supposed to sell me the lens brought the Nikon mount.. I am sooo disappointed.. Feeling so sad now…

  5. smashpOp says:

    ahaha sama sama. macam macam present u dapat. not bad. alat minum air melalui paip petrol pun ada. memang hebat.

    kenta lebar tu mana?

  6. kinz says:

    Bukan minum air la.. Minum benda benda macam petrol e.g alkohol kuat kuat.. hahaha… Benda itu memang hebat.. Lain kali you ada parti, I boleh bawak!

    Kanta lebar?! Apa kanta lebar? w00t w00t.. Hehehe..

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