I’m legal..

Posted: 11 May, 2009 by kinz in Buds Meetups

Today I am 21.. 😀 No it’s not old..  Oh well, nothing great..

Last Saturday, 9th of May 2009, my parents sort of had an “open house” thingy/party/jamuan makan for some relatives and friends. Didn’t take much pictures, I do not even have time to eat. Running up and down left and right to greet people, and then to thank people for coming and all that crap. Uggh..

Here are the very few pictures from the party..

My birthday wishes.. Trust me it has been shortlisted already. If I were to have a long one.. Damn.. The cake will melt..

After making a wish..

Now what’s next?

Cut cake lorr..

The photos above were snapped by them.. Thanks guys.. Jason and Patrick.. And yea that’s my sister behind us trying to spoil our photo.. Hahaha..

Not too long later as more people leaves, the booze starts to kick in..

I will not be posting the aftermath pictures.. Only one for you just so you know roughly what happened..

Hahaha.. I’m still looking young and cute huh? Well I was a bit cuckoo-fied already.. And honestly, I do not know what the hell did they mix into the drink..  Seriously it was horrible! And Lim Vincent is to blame..

So anyway.. Thank you guys for coming, thanks for the presents and red packets, thanks for the birthday wishes and thank you for everything else you can think of..

That’s all people.. Living the life as usual again.. Sigh….

  1. ye says:

    hahaha yeaa u do look cuckoo-fied aredi.. don drink so much next time laa.. brain damage wan ar.. u look at vince!
    hahaha. jk jk. :p

  2. kinz says:

    Yeahorr.. Never thought of that.. Hahaha.. Thanks for reminding.. 😀
    You don’t want to see more of the cuckoo-fied photos..

  3. ye says:

    who says? i want! 😀

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