Tuesday is the new Monday..

Posted: 2 May, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Sneakers

It has only been less than a week that my exams ended, and on the coming Tuesday, my classes are set to begin again.. No more Monday blues as Mondays are gonna be my day off. Tuesdays are gonna be my new Monday..

I feel I have not enjoyed or rest enough yet.. I am afraid of stepping into the University compoud again. I am afraid to view my results. I just wish to avoid and stay away from the stressful and upsetting place. Still I have to go through this.. For a few more years that is… Sigh…

I have not been attending therapies lately. I miss my therapist and the therapy center. I need to go on retail therapy!

Do you even notice I have not been buying shoes lately? It has been a long long while since my last pair. Gosh.. Anyway.. I went to Nike Warehouse Sale on Thursday and I was somewhat disappointed. Maybe I was expecting too much of gold to dig with lighter price tags on them. To my surprise, there were no gems worth giving a cop. It was reasonable, but I guess I went with a “cheapo Warehouse Sale” mindset. Oh well.. All in all there were cheaper than retail and if you’re looking for something from the past season this year? That’s where you should be..

On the side note.. Sueh Lung once again copped some gem at a steal price (from the net of course..)

The Air Max 95 Parras..

The color combination is somewhat sweet.. Mmmmhhhmm.. Like a lollipop perhaps..

He was lucky to get these gems below retail.. Brand new in box conditions.. Good deal huh?

Speaking of retail therapy.. Shopping is much easier with the internet. I’ve been buying and selling stuff online for awhile. I realized almost every of my camera accessory has been purchased of the net. From lenses, to remote control and even batteries. Just today.. I bought a new Battery Grip. I just decided I need that this morning.. Tell me I am impulsive.. 😀 Now my camera has redefined huge bottom (butt) which holds up to 2 standard BP-511 batteries or 6 AA batteries. Now I need a bigger lens to complement with that huge ass. FCUK! That means I need a bigger bag. Uggh..

Oh man.. My shoes listed online better sell of fast so I have more money to spend on other stuffs.. And also my fund to fly. With money you can do anything of course.. and obviously I am hoping to escape from my miserable University life and go for a peaceful getaway somewhere..

Oh well. That’s enough ranting for now.. Oh by the way. Curse that bitch who stepped on my feet while she was wearing heels.. It hurts badly and all you said was sorry and continued ransacking a bunch of fcuked up sizing Zara clothes at a cheap price. And obviously you only turned back after I went “OUCH!! FCUK!!!” What a bitch.

Till then.. Seeya!

p.s. The shoes above has no relation to the blogpost, I just needed some pictures to go with my blog post.. That’s all..

  1. ye says:

    wah.. y u sound so :s wan.. u ok? *pats head*

  2. kinz says:

    Yealorr.. Quite.. 😦 Come back and pat the real head will ya?

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