Posted: 29 April, 2009 by kinz in At Random, Gadget Related
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So yea.. Remember I mentioned about my new toy? It’s interactive and it connects to each another..

Nope it is not this Lego Truck.. Anyway.. Regarding this lego monstrous truck.. I was thinking of redesigning a new blog header.. Took out my Lego set, saw a piece out of a complete 8 piece instruction set.. The only information I got from the instruction sheet was the model number.. In just a flash, I typed the 4 digit Lego model number into Google and amazingly I found the instruction set. Spent 45 minutes at 2am on this silly thing.. No it’s not hard to build, it is just hard to find the parts as I mashed up all the lil bits and pieces into a shoe box.. Reliving my childhood..

One of the two in the following photo is my new toy..

The Nokia E71 or the Samsung SGH-i780?

The Nokia E71 is no stranger to anyone who knows a thing or two about mobile phones. Yup the E71 is one of the best selling phones ever. Packed with GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G..  Almost everything you need and you don’t need in your pocket. you have them all in this. All that features are packed in my pocket, but not the Nokia E71, it belongs to my dear sister.

So the i780 is my new toy.. It tops the Nokia E71 with a touch pad which works as a mouse and it is powered by Windows Mobile! The best operating system you can get for a PDA/Smartphone (functionality wise). Now tell me which phone comes with an integrated touch pad like your notebook does? The one and only Samsung i780. 😀 Oh well, yea I should stop bragging about this. But hell, I love this phone..

On the side note.. I think I am born to be lost. Even with GPS to assist me, I still can get lost. Simply because I cannot listen/understand the simple instructions given by the GPS. Oh well, I will explain in detail when you ask me in person. On the other hand, I don’t trust the GPS as much as I trust my intuition.. Which is quite a wrong thing to do.. Hahahah.. Oh well.. I am screwed. I guess I am not born to explore. Getting lost is somewhat fun.. No?

Oh well.. That’s all folks.. New toy for me..  Got to go.. See ya!

  1. st says:

    It depends who you are lost in the car with…
    It can be fun sometimes…
    Wait for someone to come back and test ur gps vs intuition again..

  2. kinz says:

    Well.. I have to test earlier marr.. Cannot test when someone else is around right? Damn paiseh if I get lost even with GPS… Hahahha..

  3. YongHua says:

    wah almost the same wan the design..

  4. kinz says:

    Yealorr.. Nowadays QWERTY keyboard is a major PLUS on a smart phone..

  5. ZhenQuan says:

    I oso got QWERTY! Whee! 😀

  6. kinz says:

    You mean on the screen? Hahahah..

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